The Martian Chronicles: Tori Helfrick


Rocket Summer

Approx. January 1999 - January 1999

A rocket launched from Ohio creating a hot blaze. It's assumed this was the launching of the first expedition to Mars.


Approx. February 1 1999 - Approx. February 28 1999

Ylla also known as Mrs. K lives with her husband Mr. K on Mars. They live in the same house their ancestors and their ancestors ancestors lived in. Mrs. K starts to dream about a man who is white and has blue eyes and black hair and comes from earth. She likes the idea that he makes her laugh and he is interesting. Mr. K doesn't like that Mrs. K is dreaming about the earth man and goes out "hunting" and Mrs. K hears two gun shots that we can assume killed the earth man and his partner.

The Earth Men

Approx. August 1999

The second expedition reaches Mars. The crew of the second expedition exits the rocket and goes up to the first house they see. They knock on the door and a woman Martian answers the door. The Earth Men were elated and quick to explain to this woman Martian named Mrs. Ttt that they were from earth and they did an amazing thing and made it to Mars. Mrs. Ttt was unimpressed and annoyed that the Earth Men wouldn't leave. She asked them if they would like to see Mr. Ttt so they agreed and Mrs. Ttt when upstairs to get Mr. Ttt. The Earth Men waited at the front door for an hour or more with no sign of Mr or Mrs. Ttt so they went into the kitchen to find Mrs. Ttt who said Mr. Ttt was too busy so she gave them a slip of paper sending them to Mr. Aaa. The Earth Men were quite disappointed with the lack of welcome and celebration they got upon such a huge accomplishment. The crew went to Mr. Aaa and told him they were sent by Mr. Ttt, which angered Mr. Aaa and he said Mr. Ttt is so inconsiderate he should just go kill him. The Earth Men try to explain their situation to Mr. Aaa while he is distracted by what Mr. Ttt did, but finally they get him to listen. Mr. Aaa comes to the conclusion that they should go to Mr. Iii. On the way there the captain sees a little girl and tries to tell her but she tells them to go see Mr. Iii as well. The crew finally gets to Mr. Iii who listens to their story and has the Captain sign papers. The Captain asks if Mr. Iii wants his crew members to sign as well, to which Mr. Iii laughs. Mr. Iii gives the Captain a key to the large silver door down the hall and tells the Earth Men to go into that room. They go into the room and everyone in the room celebrates their entry... until on of the Martians in the room claims they are from earth too. The Earth Men realize they are trapped in this room and this room is for insane Martians and that Martians can create crazy hallucinations. The insane Martians do weird things all night and 4 hours after morning comes Mr. Xxx comes to get them; he asks them whats wrong and the captain tries to explain they are not insane Martians but they are actually humans from earth and their spaceship is real. Mr. Xxx asks to see the spaceship and the agrees to show Mr. Xxx the ship is real and their story is real. Mr. Xxx examines the ship and comes out amazed that it is real to the touch, sight, smell, even down to the shadow of every little object. He tells the captain this is the most advanced hallucinations he's ever seen and he calls the captain a psychotic genius. Mr. Xxx says what the captain has in incurable so he shoots him dead. When the captains men and ship don't vanish with the death of the captain, Mr. Xxx gets confused and frightened and he thinks that the hallucinations by the captain were so strong they have infected him as well so he shoots the other crew members and himself.

The Summer Night

Approx. August 1999

All of the Martians were out watching entertainment. One singer started singing a strange song in a different language. She had no idea what had come over her and she didn't understand the words coming from her mouth. The band stopped playing but when she told them to start her song again they started playing a strange tune. They all asked each other what was wrong with the other and no one knew. All of the Martians left the show and this infectious foreign song came over all of Mars; even children started to hum it and no one knew why. Martians all over woke up crying in fear that something bad was happening.

The Taxpayer

March 2000

An Ohio man named Pritchard was desperate to go to Mars. He stood behind the fence before the rocket screaming to let him in. He claimed he was a taxpayer he has the right to go. The crew of the ship said he's crazy and he doesn't want to go, they don't even know what happened to the first two expeditions. He claims he needs to go to Mars because the world is going to have an atom war in the coming years and he can't stay on Earth.

The Third Expedition

April 2000