Martha Van Nuis


Greek city of Cyrene in modern Libya

600 BCE

Alexander the Great conquers Egypt

331 BC

Formation of Tang dynasty

220 BCE

Chinese develop paper making technique

105 BC

Formation of Roman empire

27 CE

Camels introduced for trade in the Sahara

100 - 200

Roman emperor Trajan crushed Jewish rebellion

100 - 200 CE

Origins of kingdom of Ghana

300 CE

Arrival of the Huns and the collapse of Western Roman empire

476 CE

Birth of Muhammad

570 CE

Rashidun caliphate defeated Eastern Roman empire and annexed Sassanian empire

600 - 700 CE

Islam spreads across North Africa

600 - 700

Rise of the Tang dynasty

618 CE

Ghana at height of its power

1000 CE

Battle of Hastings

1066 CE

Almoravid movement in the Sahara

1100 CE

Rise of empire of Mali

1200 CE

Death of Sundiata; earliest stone buildings at Zimbabwe; Lalibela rules Ethiopia; Yoruba culture flourishes at Ile-Ife

1260 CE

Mali at its height; Kanem empire is rival

1300 CE

Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa

1324 CE

Flourishing of cities of Timbuktu and Jenne; Ethiopian Christian kingdom; Swahili cities flourish on east African coast

1400 CE

Last Chinese trade voyage to east Africa

1431 CE