Mikhail Baryshnikov


Born in Riga

Approx. 1948

Started Ballet when he was 12

Approx. 1960

Won the Varna International Competition when he was 16 in school


Joined the Kirov Ballet and made his debut as Count Allbert in Giselle

Approx. 1967

Choreographers created Vestris for him and wond the Moscow International Competition

Approx. 1969

Defected in Canada

Approx. 1974

Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre

1974 - 1978

Movie Turning Point and was nominated for an Oscar


Principal of New York City Ballet

1978 - 1979

Returned to American Ballet Theatre as artistic director

1980 - 1990

Movie White Nights


White Oak Dance Project as artistic director

1990 - 2002

Cast as Alexander Petrovsky in Sex and the City


Launched the Baryshnikov Arts Center in NY


Tour with Hell's Kitchen Dance


Tour in Europe with Ana Laguna

Approx. 2009