Ronald Reagan


When Ronald Reagan was born.

February 6 1911

Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico Illinois. He was one of the two kids his parents had. His brothers name was Neil Reagan and his parents names were Nelle and John Reagan.

College Graduation.


Ronald Reagan graduated Eureka College on an athletic scholarship with a degree in economics and sociology.

Jobs before presidency.

1932 - 1945

Once Ronald graduated high school he auditioned for many radio stations, he was eventually hired by a radio station in Davenport for a staff announcer's job. Soon he found another job working for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Ronald Reagan was also in the Military Service as a second lieutenant in Officers Reserve Corp from 1937 to 1945. While he was in the military he was elected the Board of Directors of Screen Actors Guild in 1941.

First Marriage.

January 1940 - 1949

Ronald Reagan married an actress named Jane Wyman in 1940 and had two children Maureen and Christine but they only lived a day. They both soon adopted a third child Michael. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1949.

Second Marriage.


In 1949 Ronald met a woman names Nancy Davis. He married her in 1952 and they had two kids named Patti and Ron.

Becoming President.

January 29 1981

Ronald Reagan won the presidential election to Jimmy Carter in 1981. He served two terms as president of the United States.

Reagan is shot.

March 30 1981

Ronald Reagan was leaving Washington Hotel and was shot in the chest by John Hinckley Jr. but he made a full recover after surgery.

Tax Bill.

July 29 1981

Congress passed Reagan's tax bill. Instead of 30% tax cut over three years , it has changed to 25%

Second Term.

January 20 1985

On January 20 1985 Ronald Reagan became president again. Making him the oldest president to be sworn in at age 73. During the election he carried 49 states, 525 electoral votes and 59% most popular vote.

Ronald Reagan died.

June 5 2004

Ronald Reagan died at him home in Bel Air, California after battling 10 years with Alzheimer's disease.