Dracula: Chronological Order

Chapter 1

Jonathan travels to Transylvania

May 3, 1897

Jonathan Harker describes his journey to Transylvania, recording in his journal in shorthand. He receives a letter from Count Dracula

Peasants pray for Jonathan

May 4, 1897

It's the Eve of St. George's day, which is when evil things in the world have full sway (like vampires). Peasants beg Harker not to go to Castle Dracula for his own safety and give him a crucifix to protect him.

Chapter 2

Jonathan arrives at Castle Dracula

May 5, 1897

The passengers on the coach repeat 'vampires' and 'witches'.
Jonathan sees blue flames around them (wolves howling). Jonathan arrives at Castle Dracula, describing him as pale, with sharp teeth (Dracula doesn't eat with Jonathan)

Jonathan describes Castle Dracula

May 7, 1897

Jonathan observes the castle: No mirrors, no windows in his room and no servants. Dracula asks Jonathan to teach him about England, following a monologue about his admiration for the country.

Jonathan cuts himself shaving

May 8, 1897

Dracula catches Jonathan cut himself shaving and lunges at him. Jonathan realises he is a prisoner in the castle.

Chapter 3

Dracula slithers out his window

May 12, 1897

Dracula asks Jonathan to stay for another month and warns him not to sleep in other rooms in the castle. Jonathan witnesses Dracula slither out his window and scales the side of the castle.

Jonathan meets the female vampires

May 16, 1897

Jonathan wanders about the castle, despite Dracula's warnings. He comes across three pale women, with red lips and sharp teeth. One approaches Jonathan's neck, but Dracula appears and feeds them a child.

Chapter 4

Dracula asks Jonathan to write 3 letters

May 19, 1897

Dracula asks Jonathan to write three letters to England, saying:
1) June 12th, his work is done
2) June 19th, he is returning home
3) June 29th, he has arrived at Bistritz

Jonathan gives letter to gypsies

May 28, 1897

Gypsies arrive in front of Castle Dracula - Jonathan tries to give them letters (written in shorthand) to send to Mr. Hawkins and Mina. Dracula finds the letters and destroys them.

Jonathan's papers are missing

May 31, 1897

Jonathan tries to write letters to England again, but discovers his papers and travel clothes are missing

Large wooden box arrives at Castle Dracula

June 17, 1897

Jonathan sees people unloading big, wooden boxes at Castle Dracula. He attempts to flag them down to rescue him, but they leave.

Dracula wears Jonathan's suit

June 24, 1897

Jonathan sees Dracula leave the castle wearing his suit (in order to post Jonathan's letters home, so people believe it was actually Jonathan who sent them). Jonathan hears a woman crying outside the castle.

Dracula is sleeping in box of dirt

June 25, 1897

Jonathan finds Dracula sleeping in box of dirt in a chapel

Jonathan asks to leave Castle Dracula

June 29, 1897

Jonathan asks Dracula if he can leave. Dracula says yes, but that wolves would gather around the castle - Jonathan decides to wait until morning.

Dracula's boxes are carried out of the castle

June 30, 1897

Dracula sleeping in dirt with blood on his mouth - Jonathan hits him with shovel. He hears boxes (including the Count) being carried off. He writers letter to Mina and climbs out window, escaping the castle.

Chapter 5

Mina writes to Lucy

May 9, 1897

Mina writes to her friend Lucy that she receives word that Jonathan is well and will return in a week.

Lucy writes to Mina about prosposals

May 24, 1897

Lucy writes to Mina regarding her three proposals from Dr. John Seward, Quincey P. Morris and Hon. Arthur Holmwood. She appears to feel sadness at rejecting the first two men, but is delighted having accepted the proposal from Arthur.

Dr. Seward introduces patient, Renfield

May 25, 1897

Dr. Seward is recording his journal on a phonograph - very high-tech for 1897. He is saddened by Lucy's rejection. Renfield (Seward's patient) begins collecting flies.

Quincey and Arthur exchange short letters

May 25, 1897 - May 26, 1897

Quincey P. Morris invites Hon. Arthur Holmwood to 'the camp-fire in the prairies', which Arthur agrees to

Chapter 6

Renfield = interesting

June 5, 1897

According to Seward's journal, Renfield's case is becoming more interesting. He is collecting flies.

Renfield feeds flies to spiders

June 18, 1897

Renfield begins feeding his flies to spiders in his rooms.

Renfield eats a fly

July 1, 1897

Dr. Seward instructs Renfield to get rid of spiders and witnesses him eating a fly. Dr. Seward gives Renfield a sleeping drug and looks at his journal. Turns out he has been counting the flies he feeds to the spiders

Renfield feeds spiders to sparrow

July 8, 1897

Renfield begins feeding his spiders to a sparrow

Renfield eats sparrows

July 19, 1897 - July 20, 1897

Renfield asks for a kitten to play with/eat. Nurse discovers he has eaten all of his sparrows. Dr. Seward diagnoses him as a zoophagus (life-eating) maniac

Mina goes to Whitby

July 24, 1897

Mina visits Lucy in Whitby and talks to an old man (Mr. Swales) in a graveyard - about old folklore and legends

Lucy begins sleepwalking

July 26, 1897

Mina becomes anxious, because she hasn't heard from Jonathan. Arthur's father is ill. Lucy starts sleepwalking. Lucy used to do it when she was a child, but it's more dangerous now.

Mr. Swales = monologue of death

August 6, 1897

Still no sign from Jonathan. A big storm is brewing out at sea. Mr. Swales tells Mina that he believes he is going to die soon and apologises for offending the ladies about the corpses. He notices that the strange ship that is approaching the harbour is being steered bizarrely.

Chapter 7

'Demeter' sets sail

July 6, 1897

'Demeter' sets sail to England, carrying boxes of Earth

Crew members begin going missing

July 16, 1897

13th: Crew seems upset, but won't say why
16th: Crew member goes missing
24th: Another man disappears

Strange man on 'Demeter'

July 17, 1897

Crew member sees strange man on ship. Captain believes it is just superstition, but he the ship searched anyway.

Another man missing on 'Demeter'

July 24, 1897

Another man goes missing on 'Demeter'

Another man missing on the 'Demeter'

July 29, 1897

Another man goes missing on the 'Demeter' ship

First mate throws himself overboard

August 3, 1897

First mate begins behaving weird, claiming "it" is onboard the ship. He declares that he'll find it and kill it - the Captain assumes he has gone crazy. The first mate returns and throws himself overboard.

Captain ties himself to wheel of 'Demeter'

August 4, 1897

Captain discovers what 'it' is, but refuses to throw himself overboard, since he is the Captain. Instead, he ties himself to wheel with rosary between hands (rosary to keep 'it' away). This ends his logs, since his hands are tied (duh)

Lucy sleepwalks again

August 8, 1897

Lucy got up twice in the night to get dressed. Mina had to get up and put her back to bed.

Big storm hits Whitby

August 8, 1897

A newspaper article (in Mina's journal) describes the storm - in a tone peculiar for a modern newspaper. The storm was vicious and people from the town gathered on top of the hill to watch the strange ship in the harbour - everyone commented on how strangely it was being steered. As the ship got closed, everyone realised this was because the pilot was dead. As the ship hit the shore, a big dog leapt out of the boat and disappeared.

Mina reads Captain's log

August 9, 1897

Boxes full of dirt discovered on ship. Mina is allowed to read Captain's log, and discovers the crew members disappearing.

Mr. Swales found dead

August 10, 1897

Mr. Swales (the old man) is found dead with a broken neck. This is the same day as the funeral procession for the ship's captain (which Mina and Lucy watched).

Chapter 8

Lucy sleepwalks to graveyard

August 11, 1897

Mina wakes up to discover Lucy isn't in her bed. Mina finds her in the graveyard on the cliff, with a dark figure with red eyes behind her. Mina wraps a shawl around her and later finds 2 pin pricks on her neck.

Lucy points at bat

August 13, 1897

Mina goes to bed with the door locked and the key on her wrist. Lucy (still asleep) points out the window in the middle of the night. Mina looks out to see a bat flitting around.

Lucy holds throat at window

August 14, 1897

Lucy mutters something about 'red eyes' (referring to her encounter with Dracula when sleepwalking). Mina remembers the figure with the red eyes, but does not discuss this with her. Later on: Mina returns from a walk and spots Lucy at their bedroom window. When she reaches her, she is asleep and clutching her throat. As Mina approaches Lucy, what seems to be a big bird flies away.

Lucy's health worsens

August 17, 1897 - August 18, 1897

17th: The pin pricks in Lucy's throat haven't healed, but are looking inflamed and nasty.
18th: Mina says that Lucy is happier than she has been, but is still weak. Lucy finally brings up her sleepwalking adventure and describes her vague memory of a long, dark figure with red eyes.

Boxes from the 'Demeter' delivered to Carfax

August 17, 1897

Mina receives letter about Jonathan

August 19, 1897

Mina receives a letter saying that Jonathan is in a convent in Budapest with a brain fever. She is invited to nurse him back to health, and then marry him. Mina leaves Whitby immediately.

Renfield escapes to his 'Master'

August 19, 1897

Renfield claims 'the Master is at hand!' and escapes the asylum that night. Seward catches up to Renfield outside the old chapel of Carfax, apparently mumbling through the door to someone.

Renfield: 'I shall be patient, Master!'

Chapter 9

Renfield escapes again

August 23, 1897

20th: Renfield has calmed down, repeatedly saying that he can wait
23rd: Renfield escapes again, returning to the chapel of the big house next door. They catch him again, but this time he doesn't struggle.

Mina writes to Lucy about Jonathan

August 24, 1897

Mina Harker writes to Lucy ('Harker' implying Mina is now married to Jonathan). Mina promises Jonathan not to read his journal unless something happened.

Lucy returns to London

August 24, 1897

Lucy is back in London (suburb of Hillingham). She feels very weak again and is having trouble sleeping (weird dreams)

Lucy hears bat

August 25, 1897

Lucy wants her mother to sleep in her bedroom with her, but her mum refuses (in order to hide her illness).
Lucy remembers hearing a 'flapping' noise at her window during the night - probably a bat.
Her face has become very pale and she has a sore throat.

Lucy responds by obsessing over Arthur

August 30, 1897

Lucy responds to Mina's news of her marriage with congratulations and news of her wedding date and tells Mina all about Arthur being in Whitby.

Arthur asks Dr. Seward to help

August 31, 1897

Arthur writes to Dr. Seward, asking him to examine Lucy (whose health is still worsening). This letter is followed by a telegram from Arthuer, saying that he has to leave Lucy to take care of his sick father.

Seward contacts Van Helsing

September 2, 1897

Dr. Seward tells Arthur that Lucy doesn't have any official "disease", but she is certainly sick. He runs a blood test on her (high-tech) but there is nothing wrong. He then requests help from Abraham Van Helsing, who is an expert in 'obscure diseases - he trained Dr. Seward himself.
Van Helsing says he will come at once (apparently Seward saved his life at one time)

Lucy's health fluctuates

September 4, 1897 - September 6, 1897

4th-5th: Dr. Seward sends a telegram to Van Helsing in Amsterdam to tell him that Lucy has improved.
6th: Seward sends another telegram saying that she's worse and that Van Helsing should come at once.

Renfield eats flies again

September 4, 1897

Renfield starts getting "restless" in the middle of the day. Later in the afternoon, he says that he has been abandoned and that he must 'do it for [him]self'. Then he asks Dr. Seward for more sugar to start collecting flies again.

Chapter 10

Lucy receives blood transfusion

September 7, 1897

Van Helsing arrives and has an idea what is wrong with her (but doesn't tell Seward). He gives Lucy a blood transfusion from Arthur (VERY high-tech) - Seward initially offers, but Arthur arrives before he could donate his blood. After the transfusion, Lucy is sleeping peacefully and looks a little better. The black ribbon around her neck slips aside, and Van Helsing sees a 'red mark' (10.29) on her throat and is concerned.
Arthur leaves to go back to his father, who is on his deathbed. Van Helsing instructs Dr. Seward to stay with Lucy all night and to call him if anything happens.

Lucy is doing well and sleeping

September 9, 1897

Lucy writes in her diary that she is feeling a lot better, especially knowing that Dr. Seward is just outside her room in case she needs him.

Seward sleeps (instead of watching Lucy)

September 9, 1897

Dr. Seward is getting pretty worn out - he has now sat up with Lucy for two nights in a row.
Lucy tells him to sleep on the sofa just outside her room - she'll call him if she needs anything during the night.

Lucy = much worse, receives blood transfusion 2

September 10, 1897

Dr. Seward is woken up by Dr. Van Helsing and tells him that Lucy looked good the night before, and insisted that he catch up on his sleep.
They find her worse than ever - she needs another blood transfusion (Dr. Seward donates the blood this time)
Lucy sleeps for a long time, and still looks weak, although better than she did before. Dr. Seward goes home to sleep that night, and Van Helsing agrees to stay and watch Lucy during the night.

Van Helsing puts garlic in Lucy's room

September 11, 1897

Lucy seems much better, and Van Helsing seems cheerful.
Van Helsing puts a bunch of garlic flowers in Lucy's room, and tells her that they are medicinal, so she shouldn't throw them out or move them without his permission.
He puts some of them over her window and around her neck. Lucy is skeptical at first, but then accepts them and thanks him. Seward doesn't get it either, but Van Helsing won't explain it to him.

Lucy = blood transfusion from Dr. Seward

September 10

Lucy looks pale, so Van Helsing performs another blood transfusion, this time from Dr. Seward

Chapter 11

Lucy's mother removes garlic

September 13, 1897

Mrs. Westenra tells Seward and Van Helsing that she moved all those smelly flowers out of Lucy's room during the night. As soon as Mrs. Westenra leaves, they rush up to check on Lucy, who is worse than ever, and needs another transfusion. This time, it has to be Van Helsing - Dr. Seward just donated blood so he's already too weak. They give her a sleeping pill, and when she wakes up, she seems a lot better.

A bat flaps at Lucy's window

September 17, 1897

Lucy has slept well for several days now - ever since Van Helsing started insisting on leaving the garlic flowers in her room all night. Lucy says that one night she heard the sound of a bat at the window, flapping "almost angrily."

Renfield licks Seward's wound

September 17, 1897

Renfield attacks Seward with a knife. Dr. Seward gets a cut on the wrist, which bleeds onto the floor. Renfield dives for the puddle of blood, and starts licking it up, saying 'The blood is the life!'

Van Helsing sends a telegram for Seward, commanding him to come at once, but the telegram is 22 hours late.

Lucy's mother dies

September 17, 1897

The escaped wolf crashes through Lucy's window. Her mother dies of terror. Unfortunately, someone has spiked the servants' sherry, and they all collapse.

Article: Wolf escaped from zoo

September 18, 1897

The journalist for the newspaper interviews the zookeeper and asks about the wolf in question.
The zookeeper says that the day before the wolf escaped, a stranger (a tall, thin guy with a hooked hose and a pointy beard) had stood in front of the wolf's pen. When the zookeeper warned the stranger about the wolf, the stranger said that he was used to dealing with them, and then scratched the wolf's ears.
That night the zookeeper found the wolf's cage all twisted up and the wolf gone. But as the journalist is finishing his interview with the zookeeper, the wolf comes trotting back, looking a bit worse for wear (he's got some cuts from broken glass).

Chapter 12

Mina writes to Lucy

September 17, 1897

Mina writes apologising for not writing sooner. Lucy, however, is too ill to read the letter before she dies.

Mr. Hawkins dies

September 18, 1897

Mina writes to Lucy, detailing Mr. Hawkins' death. Lucy never opens the letter.

Quincey gives blood to Lucy

September 18, 1897

Seward predicts Lucy's death

September 19, 1897

Renfield has another outburst about his Master

September 20, 1897

Dr. Seward receives a letter regarding Renfield. It explains an outburst he had, which resulted in him screaming about his Master and breaking one of the attendant's fingers.

Lucy dies

September 20, 1897

'Death had given back part of her beauty'

Chapter 13

Jonathan sees Dracula

September 22, 1897

Jonathan sees a 'tall, thin man, with a beaky nose and a black moustache and pointed beard' and believes it is the Count.

Mina receives news of Lucy's death

September 23, 1897

Reports of Lucy attacking children

September 25, 1897

Reports/articles detailing a mysterious woman - later called 'the Bloofer Lady' - who is attacking young/small children (this is Lucy)

Chapter 14

Mina reads Jonathan's journal

September 23, 1897 - September 24, 1897

She's horrified, but decides to transcribe it

Van Helsing visits Mina

September 24, 1897

When he arrives, he asks about Lucy's illness, prompting Mina to give him her typed out journal entries (the entries that detailed Lucy's condition and sleepwalking)

Van Helsing confirms Jonathan's claims

September 25, 1897

Van Helsing confirms that all of what Jonathan has written in his journal is true

Van Helsing believes Lucy is a vampire

September 25, 1897

Van Helsing tells Dr. Seward that he believes that the bites on the children's necks were made by Lucy herself. Dr. Seward is shocked about this claim, as Lucy is dead.

Chapter 15

Van Helsing proposes going to the Westenra tomb

September 25, 1897

Van Hesling suggests going to the Westenra tomb to prove that he is claim is right: Lucy is a vampire

Lucy's coffin is empty

September 26, 1897

Van Helsing and Dr. Seward discover that Lucy is missing from her coffin and discover an injured child nearby.

Lucy's body is back in the coffin

September 27, 1897

Van Helsing and Dr. Seward return to Lucy's coffin, finding her body inside it. Her body was intact, even though she's been dead for a week. Dr. Seward finally realises that Lucy is a vampire, and agrees to the terms of her death - if that's what it takes to save the children's lives.

Seward believes Van Helsing is mad

September 28, 1897

After a good night's sleep, Dr. Seward doesn't believe it anymore - he thinks maybe Van Helsing is crazy.

The men return to Lucy's tomb

September 28, 1897

Van Helsing persuades the men to return to Lucy's tomb with him, to prove that she is the Un-Dead. He explains the need to kill her and how they would do so; naturally Arthur objects. The men agree to (at least) go with him to the tomb.

Chapter 16

Lucy calls out for Arthur, offering herself to him sexually

September 28, 1897

Lucy calls to Arthur and he almost goes to her, but Van Helsing stops him and holds up a crucifix (causing Lucy to recoil)

Van Helsing traps Lucy in her tomb

September 28, 1897

Arthur agrees to let Van Helsing kill Lucy. Val Helsing removes the communion wafer from the door of Lucy's tomb, causing her to slip under the door (like magic). He then puts the wafer back in the door to keep her trapped in the tomb.

Van Helsing puts a communion wafer in Lucy's tomb

September 28, 1897

Having found Lucy's coffin empty, Van Helsing places a communion wafer in the door of the tomb, so that vampire-Lucy cannot get in.

Van Helsing stabs Lucy

September 29, 1897

The men encounter Lucy at her tomb, and end up killing her by driving a stake through her heart

Chapter 17

Seward realises Dracula's house is next to asylum

September 29, 1897

Chapter 18

Mina is banned from helping the men

September 30, 1897

Dracula = Renfield's master

October 1, 1897

Dr. Seward discovers the connection between Dracula and Renfield.

21 boxes have been removed from Carfax

October 1, 1897

Men travel to Carfax Abbey, where they find that 21 boxes had been removed from the Abbey

Chapter 19

Mina is given sedative to sleep

October 2, 1897

Dracula realises their plans

October 28

Dracula realises the group is using Mina's connection with him to find out his location, then releases hold on her.

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Mina drinks Dracula's blood

October 3, 1897

Renfield = attacked by Dracula

October 3, 1897

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Mina = hyponised by Van Helsing

October 4, 1897

Van Helsing hypnotises Mina and she feels everything Dracula feels - thus discovering that he is on a boat

Chapter 24

Dracula = located on ship

October 5, 1897

Van Helsing finds ship Dracula is on. Everyone (except Mina and Jonathan|) plan a trip to Transylvania

Chapter 25

Men promise to kill Mina, if she becomes a vampire

October 11, 1897

Mina forces the men into promising to kill her if she becomes a vampire

Men = waiting in Varna for Dracula

October 24, 1897

Chapter 26

Dracula's boat docks

October 29, 1897

Czarina Catherine (Dracula's boat) docks, causing the group to split up to find him

Chapter 27

Mina and Van Helsing reach Borgo Pass

November 4, 1897

Seward and Quincey find Dracula's box

November 5, 1897

Dr. Seward and Quincey Morris find the gypsies with Dracula's box/coffin

Van Helsing kills 3 vampire women

November 5, 1897

3 vampire women visit Mina and Van Helsing. He kills them and places holy wafer in Count's tomb.

Dracula is killed

November 6, 1897

Arthur cuts off Dracula's head and Quincey stabs him through the heart.

Quincey dies

November 6, 1897

A gypsy stabs Quincey Morris, he dies