The Black Death Timeline


The Black Death in Central China

Approx. 1333

A plague in 1333 which would eventually destroyed 2/3 of China's population.

The Black Death comes to Europe


The Black Death appeared in Europe during October 1347 in Messina, Sicily. it arrives through trading ships that was very likely to come from The Black Sea,past Constantinople and the Mediterranean.

The Bubonic Plague Comes to England


The plague arrived to the city of Bristol

Daughter of king Edward iii died from the plague


king Edward iii's favorite daughter Joan Plantagenet died from the plague

The Plague Arrives at France


Plague now in Avignon, France, where the Pope lives.

Jews In Germany


3000 Jews were killed in Erfurt, Germany. The jews tried to defend themselves from the Christian and they were in mobs.

200 people buried everyday


On November 1348, the black death has come to London.

The Plague Comes to Moscow


The whole continent is infected

The Popes Relatives


The Popes representatives estimate that 23,840,000 people had died in the Black Death. This was 32% of Europes pre-plague population.

poll Tax was recorded at 4 Villages as having no return


The Revolution of Peasants


The 4th Outbreak of the Black Death


The people were most infected were mainly adults

The Italian plague/ Great Plague of Milan - 1629


The Italian plague happened to be around 1629 and through shipments at the Northern Italian.

The Plague of London


Great Plague of London, in which 70,000 people die.

The great fire of london


The great fire of London happened to be on the night of the 2nd of September 1666. In 1633, there was a fire too that caused a gap, that was the only thing that stopped the fire from spreading to Southwark.