Movements, Revolutions and Upheavals 1500-1900 C.E.


"On The Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres"


Copernicus establishes his Heliocentric theory which contradicts the Catholic Church's Geocentric theory

Trial of Galileo Galilei


Galileo is forced to abjure his claims of Jupiter's moons and other bodies.

Trial of Charles I


Charles I was tried for treason due to his abuse of power and was executed, Parliament becomes reestablished as powerful



Thomas Hobbes proclaimed that a nation needs a ruler with authority and must protect its people.

The Glorious Revolution


The British Parliament gains power, Britain removes most if not all Catholic control

"The Wealth of Nations"


Adam Smith pushes the ideas of a free market, capitalistic society over mercantilism.

U.S. Independence from Britain is Declared

July 2, 1776

Set a precedent for other North and South American countries.

U.S. Constitution is Signed

September 17, 1787

Used ideals from the enlightenment to limit the rule of government.

Tennis Courth Oath

June 20, 1789

3rd Estate of France vow to create a constitution

Haitian Revolution Begins


A large slave rebellion sparks the begin of Haiti's independence.

Constitution of the Year VIII Adopted

December 24, 1799

Established the position of Consulate, began the Reign of Napoleon.

Haiti Wins Independence

NOV 29, 1803

France surrenders and relinquishes control over Haiti. Haiti becomes the second country in the Americas to gain independence.