Jane Addams


Why I chose these dates!

1860 - 2017

I chose these dates because they are very important in my opinion and i feel like people should know these things about Jane Addams. I think that all of these dates have something or more then one thing very important. The information in thesis dates have a big impact in her life and the people in her time and life. In my opinion she's a very important person to know or learn about. She did a lot in her life time that still to this day helps people.

Jane Addams

September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935

Born September 6, 1860. In Cedarville, Illinois
Died May 21, 1935. In Chicago, Illinois
Source:American Women's History

Civil War

April 1861 - June 1865

She was born just months before the Civil War
Source: Historical American Biographies

Underground railroad

1863 - 1935

At the age of 3 she ran into her dad's study and saw a black male. Not until she was older did she realized her dad was part of the underground railroad.
Source: Historical American Biographies


1866 - 1935

She saw poverty for the first time was she was only 6 y/o.
Source: Historical American Biographies

Bachelors Degree

1882 - 1884

She was the first student to receive a Bachelors Degree from Rockford
Source: American National Biography Online



Went to Rockford college, BA 1882
Source: American Women's History

richest family around

December 9, 1882 - May 21, 1935

When Jane was just two years old her family was the richest and most respected family in the community
Source: American National Biography Online

Road Trip


When jane was just 6 her and her father went on a road trip to a very poor town and since then she has loved helping and finding ways to help poor or immigrants.
Source: A Little Girl From Illinois (EBSCO)


1889 - 1935

During her lifetime she was awarded with honorary degrees from 13 different universities, she was even the first woman to be given an honorary degree from Yale University.
Source: A Role Model for the 1990's (EBSCO)



Founded Hull-House
Source: American Women's History, The Great American History Fact Find



Her and her friend Ellen Starr moved in 1889 into an old mansion in an immigrant neighborhood of Chicago.
Source: The Readers Campaign to American History


September 18, 1889 - January 19, 2012

The Hull-Hosue was in full operation by 1893 and by then 2,000 people a week would come. Hull-House attracted brilliant men and women concerned about social problems who went to live there for periods ranging from short stays to many years. It became the center of an experiment in philanthropy, political action, and social science research, was a model for settlement work among the poor. She and other Hull-House residents sponsored legislation to abolish child labor, establish juvenile courts, limit the hours of working women.
Source: American Women's History and United States History



Jane declared, "This renaissance of the early Christian humanitarianism is going on in America, in Chicago, if you please without leaders who write of philosophize, without much speaking, but with a bent to express in social service and in terms of action the spirit of Christ."
Source: Jane Addams Apotheosis of Social Christianity

Jane Addams


The thirty-three-year-old Jane Addams was describing herself, somewhat pridefully, as "the grandmother of American settlements"
Source: American National Biography Online

Chicago Federation of Settlements


Addams founded the Chicago Federation of Settlements and later on helped to establish the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers.
Source: United States History

Advocate for the poor


By about the age 40, Jane became a respected advocate for the poor.
Source: Historical American Biographies



She publicized Hull-House and the causes she believed in by lecturing and writing, like her autobiography Twenty Years at Hull-House.
Source: The Great American History Fact Find,

Helping people

1910 - 1935

During her lifetime, much of the hostility, although she was attacked by the Marxist and the Socialists.
Source: Jane Addams and the Social Claim



Became the first president of the national conference of social work.
Source: American Women's History

Word War 1

Jul 28, 1914 - Nov 11, 1918

During World War 1 she spoke throughout the country in favor of increasing food production to help the starving in Europe
Source: The Readers Campaign to American History


April 28, 1915

Miss Jane Addams of Chicago was unanimously selected as president Chairman of the International Congress of Women.
Source; London Correspondent of the United Press



She voted for Wilson in 1916 only to be disappointed and chagrined by his policies.
Sources: Jane Addams and the Social Claim



In the face of increasing criticism Addams helped found the American Civil Liberties Union. Instead of being called a Pacifist, people were now saying she way a socialist or Communist. Although she had a lot of criticism Hull-House stayed successful.
Source: United States History

Heart Attack


Addams suffered from a heart attack from which she would never fully recover from, her health continued to decline.
Source: United States History

Nobel Peace Prize


At the 1931 ceremony in Oslo, Jane Addams was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. She became the first american women to receive a Nobel Peace Prize
Source: Historical American Biographies


December 10, 1931

She was admitted to a Baltimore Hospital. That was the same day she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Source: American Women's History

Death Bed


She was, at her death American's best known and widely hailed woman.
Source: Jane Addams the Social Claim.