Exploration and Discovery


Age of Exploration

Prince Henry Navigator

1394 - 1460

Created a school for the advancement of navigation, laying the groundwork for Portugal to become a leader in the Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration

1400 - 1600

Europe began their modern exploration of the world.

Bartolomeo Diaz


Became the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.

Christopher Columbus


"Discovered" the Caribbean

Pedro Alvares Cabral

April 21, 1500

Accidentally discovered Brazil

Juan Ponce de Leon

March 27, 1513

He discovered the State of Florida

Hernando Cortes landed on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico


He was a Spanish conquistador who assembled an army from the Spanish Colonies consisting of 600 men, 15 horsemen, and 15 cannons. Through decisive use of superior weapons and native assistance, also the help of European disease which had already wrecked ative populations, successfully conquered the Aztecs capturing Montezuma II.

Willem Barendsz


He explored the Arctic