Sir Francis Drake


Francis Drake is born


Queen Elizabeth 1st outlaws Catholic worship,making England a Protestant country.


Francis Drake now knows how to navigate the seas and how to work a ship


John Hawkins launch the English slave trade with kidnapping raids on the African coast


Drake returned to England with a fortune in gold, silver, pearls, sugar, ginger, and animal hides


Drake captains a ship on a slave raid and eventually deserts Hawkins in the Caribbean.


Drake marries Mary Newman.


Drake commands his first raiding expedition to the Caribbean.


Drake returns to England from the sea


English spies uncovered a plot to murder Queen Elizabeth


Drake departs Plymouth with two small ships 1572


Drake plus his men build a fort in the new world

Approx. 1572

Drake is injured after a failed attempt to raid the Spanish. Both of his younger brothers John and Joseph die.

Approx. May 10, 1572

With help from Africans and the French, Drake steals a fortune in gold and silver from Spanish in Panama


Drake returns to England


Drake sails around the world, raiding the Spanish in South America along the way.


Drake finished planning out a bold scheme into action


Drake wants revenge on Catholic faith in Spain


Drake finds Nuno De Silva a very skilled man when it came to the sea. So Drake recruited him as a guide in the unknown water.


Drake sailed from Plymouth with the queen's blessing

Approx. December 13, 1577

Drake's fleet reached the coast of North Africa

Approx. December 25, 1577

Drake kills Thomas Doughty after he accuses Drake's brother Thomas of sealing loot.

June 1578

Three weather beaten ships sailed into the waterway

August 1578

Drake's ship reaches an island off the coast of modern-day Chile

Approx. November 25, 1578

Drake's took his ship into the harbor at the South American town of Valparaiso

Approx. December 5, 1578

Drake captured a ship off the coast of Costa Rica

March 1579

Drake was cruising off the coast of modern-day Ecuador when he spotted a big Spanish ship in the distance. At 9p.m. he and his men went up against the Spanish but Drake forced them to surrender.

Approx. May 1, 1579

Drake sailed into Plymouth Sound

Approx. September 26, 1580

Queen Elizabeth I knights Drake


Drake needed more vessels to guard against raids on Spanish shipping.

May 1585

Drake dispatched to the New World with a fleet of more than 20 ships

Approx. September 1585

Drake sets out for another expedition to the Americas

September 1585

Drake attacks Santo Domingo during a failed raid in the Caribbean


Starving English colonists in Roanoke are rescued by Drake's ship


A frustrated Francis Drake started to head back for England

March 1586

King Philip gave orders to begin preparing a huge fleet the Spanish Armada

April 1586

Drake returned to Plymouth

July 1586

Drake launches a successful attack on the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, delaying the Armada's invasion by one year


Drake heads out for Spain

April 2 1587

Drake arrived at the Spanish port of Cadiz

April 19 1587

Drake serves as vice admiral during the English defeat of the Spanish Armada.


Drake and Hawkins sailed from Plymouth Sound with a fleet of 27 ships

August 28, 1595

Hawkins dies after becoming ill

November 12 1595

Drake dies in the Caribbean after a failed attempt to seize Panama from the Spanish.