Creation of products and mechines

Approx. 1800 - present day

the us was evolving from largely agricultural nation into a complex industrial society

Artist and inventer Samuel B. Morse created the first practical telegraph

1837 - 1843

These electrical signaled using a dot and dash system later became known as Morse code. By 1843 he opened his line to commercial use

The Refinement of Crude Oil into Lamp Oil

Approx. 1850 - 1859

A Canadian scientist discovered how to use crude oil that seeped out of the ground and turn it into lamp oil called kerosene but the supply of surface oil was limited

The Bessemer Process

1855 - 1880

British inventor Henry Bessemer comes up with new method of making steel (Bessemer Process). It involved blowing air through molten iron, by doing this steel was produced much cheaper and much quicker.

Edwin Drake makes an Important discovery


Studied the techniques of drilling salt wells and later began using them for oil drilling

Oil drilling and refining becomes a huge industry

1859 - Present

This meant supplying fuel for lamps, lubricating oils for machinery, and later, gasoline for automobiles =.

Horse and Buggy Era

1865 - 1900

1870's telegraphs criss crossed country side

Approx. 1870 - 1879

Companies used telegraph networks (countryside), but the Western Union Telegraph Company dominated this industry

New Revolution and Communications

Approx. 1870 - 1879

Alexander Grande Bell had the goal of sending speech over wires

First Telephone

March 10, 1870

the first telephone message was the result of an emergency, Bell called out to his lab assistant Watson after accidentally spilling acid

The Gilded Age


Book written by Mark Twain which the title shows American society in this period well. Industrialists who had made great fortunes led glittering lives. But beneath that glitter, this period was marked by political corruption and social unrest.

Creation of the Carnegie Steel Company


Largest and most modern steel mill of its time

Rapid growth of American Economy

1877 - 1900

The value of American exports doubles

Founding of the Bell Telephone Company + First telephone line


The invention of the first light bulb


Edison used bamboo fibers from a Japanese fan and created the first light bulb

Transformation of railroads, bridges, and buildings

1880 - 1889

The steel industry grew making steel the metal of choice for heavy construction. Railroads switched to steel rails. Builders began using steel to construct longer bridges and taller buildings.

Central generating system


Edison created a generating system that electrified lower Manhattan.

Sherman Antitrust Act


Outlawed trusts, monopolies, and other forms of business that restricted trade. Full of vague language.

Businesses bribe legislators to pass laws favoring their companies

Approx. 1890 - 1899

United States one of the most power nations in the world

1900 - 1909


Americans were now able to illuminate their homes with lights

1900 - Present

with new invention of electricity Americans could now keep their food cold in electric refrigerators and could send news across continents with the use of telegraphs and telephones

The United States has the strongest industrial economy in the world.


Telegraph Wires Make a Boom!


nearly 1,000,000 miles of telegraph wires were carrying 60,000,000 messages a year.

Airplane was created (homegrown)


Brothers Orville and Wilbur Write made the first successful airplane flights in history

The first automobile arrives to the United States from Europe

Approx. 1920 - 1929

The number of telephones had grown to at least 13,000,000