Mary Crow Dog



Approx. September 1954

Mary Crow Dog was born at a hospital, which was rare for a Lakota birth at the time.

Teen Years

Approx. 1960

Mary Crow Dog and her friends were driving when they got a flat tire. They stopped to fix the flat tire while a nearby white farmer called the police on them. He accused them of trying to burn his house on fire and Mary and her friends were thrown in jail for two days until found not guilty.


Approx. 1971

In 1971, Mary met her future husband Leonard and joined the American Indian Movement.


Approx. 1971

Mary Crow Dog had a dream about white men coming into her land and killing women and children.

Mary Crow Dog's Baby

Approx. 1973

Mary gave birth to her first son during the siege of Wounded Knee.


Approx. 1975

Leonard, Mary's husband, was sentenced to prison in New York for acts committed during the siege of Wounded Knee

New York

Approx. 1975

Mary moved to New York with her first son to be able closer to Leonard. Mary learned a lot while she was in New York, and it opened her eyes to some of the Sioux actions. She strayed a bit from the culture once she returned to her place of birth, and had trouble readjusting. This was a big turning point in Mary Crow Dog's life.

Leonard Returns

Approx. 1977

Leonard was released from New York and went back home. Mary noticed that he too had changed some of his Sioux attitudes and it took him a while to readjust.


Approx. 1977

Mary participated in a traditional sundance. She felt a religious experience and said she felt like a true Lakota woman.