Life Of Robert Frost



March 26th, 1874

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California.
His parents were William Prescott Frost Jr. and Isabelle Moodie.


June 25th, 1876

Robert's mother gave birth to her second child, a girl that she named "Jeanie Florence Frost," who was Robert's

Starting School


Robert had been sent to a private Kindergarten run by
a Russian woman known as "Madame Zitska." On his first
ride back home, the driver had trouble finding Robert's
house, which caused Robert to panic, thinking he would never see his mother again. He then began to protest
every time his mom told him he had to go to school.
Later on, he stopped going overall.

Father's Death

May 5th, 1885

Robert's father died of tuberculosis when Robert was
only 11 years of age. Robert was so shocked that,
according to him he did not speak of his father for years
after he had died.

Poem in the School Paper

April 1890

Ernest Jewell saw Robert's poem, which was called "La
Noche Triste," and he published it on the front page
of the school newspaper.


Graduation and College


Robert graduated from Lawrence High School.
He later started going to Dartmouth College until
December, when he left it.

First Poem Sold


Robert sold his first poem which was called,
"My Butterfly: An Elegy."


December 19, 1895

He got married to Elinor White. The wedding was private and they held it without anybody's knowledge of it.

First Child

September 25th, 1896

Robert and Elinor's first child was born. They had a son
named Elliot.



Robert Lee Frost began attending Harvard as a
special student.

Withdrew from Harvard

March 1899


Second Child

April 28th, 1899

Robert's second child, a girl named Lesley, was born.

Son and Mother Die...


Robert's son Elliot died at age 4 in July. Robert's mother later entered a sanitarium and died of cancer
on November 2nd.

Grandfather Dies

July 1901

Robert's Grandfather died, leaving Robert with Derry
Farm for ten years.

Third Child

May 27th, 1902

Robert's next son named "Carol" is born.

Fourth Child

June 27th, 1903

Robert's daughter named "Irma" was born.

New Occupation


He taught at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New

New Daughter and....... Her Death??

June 18th, 1907

Robert's daughter was born and was named "Elinor
Bettina." But sadly, she dies 3 days later.

Teaching Job


Robert accepts a teaching position at New Hampshire
State Normal School; he sells Derry Farm.