Lisa Jura and WW II


Kristallnacht at Lisa's home

Approx. November 9, 1938

German Nazis were throwing bricks through the windows of Jewish homes and Jewish businesses, German patriotic music was blaring over the Austrian Radio. meanwhile the apartments were burning, the bucket brigade (including Lisa's father) was forced to strip down and scrub the street by German Nazi's who came to Austria

Lisa can't take piano anymore

Approx. November 9, 1938

Lisa's piano teacher, Mr.Issles is informed of the new proclamation, that it is lillegal to teach Jewish children. Lisa was greeted with a Nazi at the door of Mr.Isseles's studio, who refused to let her in until the professor told him that Lisa could come in for her piano lesson

Lisa is put on the Kindertransport

Approx. November 17, 1938

Lisa is put on the Kindertransport, with the promise that the rest of her family will follow. She is shipped off to her mother's cousins in England

Lisa runs from peacock manor to London to pursue her education in London

Approx. December 1938

arrives at the hostel to ask Mr. Hardesty about her sister's place on the Kindertransport and to find boarding in London

Lisa is taken to peacock manor

Approx. December 1938

Lisa is picked up by a chaffeur named monty and is to work as a maid for the owner an his wife.

Lisa finds boarding with Mrs. Cohen

December 8, 1938

Lisa finds boarding with Mrs. Cohen, a German-Jewish woman who boards over 31 other Jewish children in a 3-story house. Lisa is to find a job to secure her place at the house and give 3/4 of her earnings as rent and to cover food costs.

Sonia comes to London on the last kindertransport


She is sponsored by one of Mrs. Canfeild's Quaker friends, who offered to take care of her

World War II

September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945

Aaron and Paul help search for air raid planes

Approx. November 1939

they ask the warden for binoculars and whistles to pitch in with the rest of London by searching for bomber planes, if they were to see a plane, they would use the whistle and the warden would sound the air raid alarm, giving people enough time to reach the bomb shelters.

The group stops helping looking for air raid planes

Approx. December 1939

they stop due to the oncoming cold weather, despite the blankets and huddling together.

New Year Rations

Approx. January 1940

a few moths after war was declared on Nazi Germany, meat rations begin at 4oz a person per week.

Gunther is taken into custody

September 10, 1940

Gunther is taken into custody when he was writing his boss's daughter's birthday card in German, and the person sitting next to him saw it, called the police, and they arrested him for being an enemy alien over the age of 16. Then Gunther's boss had to go to the police station and vouch for his freedom.

Willsden lane is bombed by the Nazis

November 13, 1940

Willesden Lane is bombed while Lisa is playing the piano, she didn't her the sirens, but Mrs.Cohen sent two of the other charges to find her

The children had to find other hosts


after the bombing, the children were sorted into other host homes. Lisa was put with Mrs.Canfeild, who sponsored Sonia. Once the hostel was rebuilt, they would return.

hostel was repaired

March 24, 1941

Lisa Returns

March 30, 1941

Lisa and other children return to the repaired hostel

The children help Lisa prepare for her audition

Approx. May 12, 1941 - Approx. 11/15/1942

Lisa auditions for the Royal Academy of music

Approx. November 16, 1942

Lisa is accepted To the Royal academy of music

January 12, 1943

Lisa secures a job at the Howard hotel

March 1943

the job was suggested to her by Mabel Floyd, her music teacher at the Royal Academy of music

War turns in favor of the Allies


World War II ends


Gina and Gunther get married

September 15, 1945

Rosie and Leo come to england

september 20, 1945

They return with their daughter Esther, who is 4 after being on the run for 6 years

Aaron leaves for new york after returning home

October 4, 1945

Lisa Plays her recital

october 12, 1945

Lisa reunites with the resistance soldier


the french resistance soldier who wooed her at the Howard Hotel in Aaron's absence reappeared at her recital, and they kept in contact ever since

Gina and Gunther move to America


Lisa moves to America


Michel Golabek soon followed Lisa into America

Lisa and Michel are married


they were married married after almost four years of dating, and then they move to Los Angeles to join Gina and Gunther