Ancient India


Pepper is Widely used in Indian Cooking

2000 BCE - Present

The Vedic Period in India

1500 BCE - 500 BCE

India is divided into 16 Aryan states or kingdom

700 BCE

Development of the Charvaka school of philosophy in India

700 BCE

Bimbisara rules the Magadha kingdom in India

544 BCE - 492 BCE

Persia Conquers the Indus Valley

530 BCE

Greek rule in Gandhara, ending some time after the death of Alexander the Great

325 BCE - 320 BCE

Beginning of the Greco-Bactrian conquests in India

200 BCE

Period of Indo-Greek rule in the Gandhara region

180 BCE - 80 BCE

Indo-Greek King Menander rules the Punjab

160 BCE - 135 BCE

First Non-Stop Voyages from Egypt to India

1 CE

Gupta Period, Considered a Golden Age of Ancient India in Art and Architecture

320 CE - 550 CE

India is invaded by the White Huns across the Hindu Kush

450 CE

Hiuen Tsang comes to India

630 CE

Muslim General Muhammad Bin Qasim conquers Northern India

712 CE