Early Age of Empires

Assyrian Empire

Reign of Tiglath-Pileser I of Assyria

1115 BC - 1076 BC

He is the one who started the biggest empire Assyria has ever had.

The Assyrian Empire

Approx. 1076 BC - 612 BC

This is the second and biggest empire that the Assyrians have ever seen.

Peak Of The Assyrian Empire

Approx. 722 BC - Approx. 705 BC

It reached this high point under the rule of Sargon II.

The Great Cities of Ashur, Kalhu, And Nineveh Are Sacked

612 BC

This played a major part of the downfall of Assyria. See Fig 2

Egyptian Empire

Anmose I Ruled Egypt

1570 BC - 1544 BC

The king that drove the Hyksos out of Egypt and began the New Kingdom of Egypt.

The New Kingdom of Egypt

Approx. 1570 BC - 1069 BC

This is the time period of Egypt that we think of today when we think of Egypt. Pharaohs, pyramids and the like were all very prominent in this age. See Fig 1

Reign of Thutmose I

1504 BC - 1492 BC

This is the period where Egypt reached its greatest extent.

Chinese Empire

Period of the Warring States

476 BC - 221 BC

This is the period when, after the fall of the Zhou Dynasty, China divided into seven states that were constantly at war with each other.

The Unification of China

221 BC

The time where the state of Qin went to war with the other six states of china and unified it under the rule of Shi Huangdi.

Qin Dynasty in China

221 BC - 206 BC

The dynasty started by Shi Huangdi that unified china and built the Great Wall of China. At the cost of a tyrannical rule that was hated by the people. See Fig 3

Qin Dynasty Is Overthrown

206 BC

When the hated Qin Dynasty was overthrown by a group of rebels. The leader of the rebellion founded the Han Dynasty which lasted until 220 CE.

Persian Empire

The Persian (Achaemenid) Empire

553 BCE - 330 BCE

The empire of Persia that was founded by Cyrus II and lasted until the death of Darius III.

Cyrus The Great Rebels Against The Medes

553 BC

In doing this he successfully establishes the Achaemenid Empire of Persia. See Fig 4

Battle of Issus

333 BC

The battle where Aleksander the Great defeated Darius III of Persia.

Death of Darius III

330 BC

The Persian empire did not recover from this, marking the end of the Achaemenid empire of Persia.