Authoritarian leaders

IB history course

Stalin (1878-1953)

Death of Lenin

21 January 1924

Lived with a poor health the last couple of years of his life.

Lenins funeral

26 January 1924

After his death, Lenin's body were put on public display where about a million monomers came to pay their respect to him. There were held speeches and a funeral, but Trotsky, a potential overtaker of the power was not present, which was the work of Stalin, who was Trotskij's opponent when it came to the struggle of power after Lenin's death.

1st 5-year plan (Soviet Union)

1928 - 1932

Stalin introduced the first 5-years plan in the Soviet Union.
The plan included collectivization and industrialization. This contributed to the control, suppression and totalitarianism that was seen in Soviet. Got rid of the NEP, New Economic Policy introduced by Lenin around 1922.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Beer Hall Pusch

8 November 1923 - 9 November 1923

Reichtag fire

27 February 1933

Night of the Long Knives

6/30/1934 - 7/2/1934