Chinese Discrimination


Chinese Massacre of 1871


500 white men lynched 20 Chinese men in a Chinatown ghetto.

Chinese Exclusion Act

1882 - 1943

This act cut Chinese immigration severely

Hunnenrede (Hun speech)

July 27, 1900

Kaiser Wilhelm II made a speech about how the Chinese were acting like "Huns" because they were cowardly and acted like dogs and then deported German soldiers to Asia.

Alien Land Law


Prevented any immigrants from being able to legally own land.

Magnuson Act

December 17, 1943

Repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act and made Chinese immigration easier.

Lower wages for Asian Americans


Studies showed that Asian Americans were paid less than someone white in the work environment.

Civil Rights Act


Prohibits discrimination of employment based on race, religion and gender.

Murder of Vincent Chin

June 23, 1982

Vincent Chin was severely beaten because of his race in Detroit, Michigan and died 4 days later. This tested the civil right's Chin was entitled to.

Wen Ho Lee case


While there was rumors going around that China was getting nuclear secrets from other countries, Wen Ho Lee was accused on 59 accounts of mishandling classified information. People weren't mad about him getting arrested, they were just mad that he was given unfair treatment in jail by not having the option to pay the bail, kept in solitary confinement and had the wear shackles for 9 months.