Rise of Hitler Timeline


First Fascist Movement in Italy


The Italian Fascist Party was led by Benito Mussolini. He created this party after the discontent of the public at that current time. Mussolini formed a paramilitary group, in which he called "Black Shirts". These "Black Shirts" terrorized political opponents and helped influence the Fascist Party's ideas.

Creation of Sturmabteilung (SA)


The adult version of the Hitler Youth. Original Paramilitary group of the the Nazi Party. This group was referred to as the "Brown Shirts". Commitment, effectiveness, and political reliability, not class or education determined how far people succeeded in this organization. Complete and total loyalty, as well as obedience were stressed to the point until death.

Hitler Assumes Control of Nazi Party


Hitler controlled this political party known as the NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker's Party). Hitler began to increase NSDAP's prominence in German politics. He increased it by delivering speeches to the public concerning his views when it came to the state of Germany.

Creation of Hitler Youth

1922 - 1945

This was a paramilitary youth group that promoted the ideals of fascism and the Nazi Party. It was made up of different sections due to the many age groups, specially males ages 14-18, 10-14, and some girls too. Hitler Youth was viewed as the future "Aryan supermen" and were taught Antisemitism. This organization put more emphasis on physical military training rather than academics.

Beer Hall Putsch

November 1923

The Nazi Party's attempt to overrun the German government and assume control for itself, but sadly it failed. This was the reason Hitler was trialed and then imprisoned.

Hitler Imprisoned


The failure of the Beer Hall Putsch caused Hitler to be trialed for treason and soon imprisoned for 5 years. During his trial, Hitler attempted to turn the tables and put the German Government on trial as traitors, but that failed drastically and he was sentenced. In prison, he was treated very well and wrote his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

Nazi Membership in 1928


Membership was about 100,000 members and growing, and the increase in popularity was due to Hitler's promise. He promised to relief to the economic struggles that hurt Germany. Popularity grew some more due to the people viewing Hitler as a good leader who could return pride to Germany.

Nazi Membership in 1932


The Nazi Party's member grew from 100,000 to now a whooping 800,000. The Nazi Party was now the largest party in the German parliament (Reichstag).

Hitler Becomes Chancellor

January 30, 1933

Reichstag Fire

February 1933

The fire was blamed on communists to build onto the people's previously existing fears that a communist revolution was underway in Germany.

Enabling Act

March 23, 1933

Granted Hitler and the Cabinet the authority to enact laws without the participation of the Reichstag, but only for 4 years.

Hitler Becomes Fuhrer

August 2, 1934

After President Paul von Hindenburg died, Hitler immediately took over as Fuhrer and Chancellor. He took over due to the law passed by the cabinet stating that presidency and power would be transferred to Hitler. As Fuhrer, Hitler was now supreme commander of armed forces and his rise to power of Germany was finally complete.