The Life of Ida Tarbell


Ida Tarbell's Birth

November 5, 1857

Tarbell is born in Erie County, Pennsylvania

The Standard Oil Company Is Founded

Approx. 1870

John D. Rockefeller starts Standard Oil Company after buying out his business partners.

Ida Tarbell Graduates College

Approx. June, 1880

Tarbell graduates from Allegheny College. She is the only woman in her graduating class.

Ida Tarbell Writes For The Chautauquan

1886 - 1890

Ida Tarbell is executive writer for a small teaching magazine called The Chautauquan

Ida Tarbell Moves To Paris

Approx. 1890

Tarbell moves to Paris to pursue a career as a writer and write a biography of Madame Roland- an influential figure during the French Revolution.

Sherman Anti-Trust Act Is Passed

July 2, 1890

The act that will eventually take down The Standard Oil Company is passed.

Ida Tarbell Moves To New York

Approx. 1898

Tarbell moves to New York to be editor for McClure's Magazine, a forward-thinking magazine that concerns politics and literature.

Ida Tarbell Writes And Edits For McClure's Magazine

1898 - 1906

Tarbell is editor and a writer for McClure's Magazine until 1906 when she founds the American Magazine.

The History Of The Standard Oil Company Is Published

November, 1902 - October, 1904

Tarbell's book is serialized over a course of two years in McClure's Magazine.

Standard Oil Company Is Disbanded

May 15, 1911

The Standard Oil Company is disbanded after being convicted of breaking the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Death Of Ida Tarbell

January 6, 1944

Tarbell died of pneumonia in Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport Connecticut. She was 86

Ida Tarbell Inducted Into The Women's National Hall Of Fame

Approx. 2000

Tarbell is inducted into the women's national hall of fame 66 years after her death