Period 4


Thomas Jefferson Presidency

1800 - 1808

physically expands country, expanded government
12th amendment application, Election of 1804-1808 was first with 2 press. and 2 VP elects

revolution of 1800


election of Thomas Jefferson, first time some was voted OUT of office peacefully

Marshall Court

1801 - 1835

Marbury v. Madison-1803: established principle of judicial review, right of Supreme Court to rule that a law is unconstitutional or not

Louisiana Purchase


Jefferson wanted the Port of New Orleans to get to western crops. Americas largest acquisition of territory. About 3 cents an acre $15 million total.

Corps of Discovery

1804 - 1806

Lewis and Clark- explore and map Louisiana purchase.

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

Causes: impressments of American sailors, desire for Canadian land, Brits interference with American Commerce, British aid to N.A. in Ohio river valley
Consequences: demise of federalists party, intense nationalist feelings,industrialization, Advanced career of Andrew Jackson

James Monroe

1817 - 1825

west ward expansion, Monroe Doctrine which strengthen foreign affairs, acquired slavery and dealt with

Missouri Compromise


Conflict over slavery, Maine= free state; Missouri=slave state when joined, it closed slavery to Louisiana Purchase above 36 degrees 30' line

Monroe Doctrine


Declared end to European colonization in western hemisphere ad forbid europeans countries fro interfering with American Continents

Appointment of John Quincy Adams

1824 - 1828

Congress hated Andrew Jackson, so appointed JQA, first time of popular vote,

Andrew Jackson Pres.

1828 - 1832

Lowered national debt from $58 mil. to $3 mil. got rid of the national bank and put into private banks. Reduced federal deficit. Democracy Expanded to ALL white males, no longer had to own land and pay taxes to vote for MEN ONLY

Whig Party

1833 - 1856

Whigs supported the supremacy of the US Congress over the Presidency and favored a program of modernization, banking and economic protectionism to stimulate manufacturing

Texas Independence Fight


American colonist rebelled against Mexican Government. Mexican commander Santa Anna surrendered and Lone Star State was established but was not part of the union until 1845

Trail Of Tears

1838 - 1839

Removal of Cherokee from homeland to settlements across Mississippi River. 1/4 of people died along the trail

James K Polk

1844 - 1848

4 campaign promises:
1)cut tariffs 2)reestablish US treasury 3) secure origin territory 4)Get CA and NM from Mexico

Seneca Falls Convention


Women suffrage, Women's right to obtain propter after marriage, greater divorce and child custody rights, equal educational opportunities : convention wasn't really important, but Docs that came out of it are talked about women being identified as part of the constitution. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott

Free Soil Party

1848 - 1854

Anti-slavery: was made of poor white man, couldn't compete for jobs with the slaves