Andrew Kehoe


Andrew Kehoe is Born

February 1 1872

Nellie and Andrew Kehoe got married and bought the 185 acre farm


Bath Consolidated Constructed


Kehoe was elected treasurer of the school board


School board asks Kehoe to do some maintenance in the school building

january 1926

Kehoe was defeated for election of township clerk

April 1926

Kehoe purchased over a ton of pyrotol

june 1926

Notified his mortgage would be foreclosed

June 1926

Kehoe purchased two boxes of dynamite at a sporting goods store in lansing

November 1926

Nellie (Kehoe’s Wife) was discharged from the hospital due to tuberculosis

May 16, 1927

Bath Consolidated Massacre

May 18, 1927

Investigators identified Nellie’s charred body

May 19,1927

Multiple victims funeral and burial

May 20, 1927

Beatrice Gibbs, fourth grade student died following hip surgery due to the explosion, counted as the 45th murder

August 22, 1927

School resumed at Bath Consolidated

September 5, 1927

The new part of the school had been dedicated, named the James Couzens Agricultural School.

August 18, 1928

The newer part of the building was demolished and was redeveloped as a memorial park in remembrance of the victims