LeapFrog throughout the years


Founding of LeapFrog

1990 - 1997

Co-founder Micheal Wood began manufacturing the Phonics Desk in 1995. That year Wood resigned as a partner at Cooley LLD and founded LeapFrog Enterprises with Robert Lally. Toys "R" us became the first major retailer to carry the Phonics Desk

The Phonics Desk


LeapFrog's first product

Expansion and acquisition by Knowledge Universe

1997 - 2002

LeapFrog had distribution in over 10 countries and number of major clients in the USA by early 1997. Knowlege Universe acquired a majority stake in LeapFrog in 1997. it is an education company founded by a group of brothers

LeapFrog acquired Explore Technologies in August 1998. Explore Technologies produced the odyssey Globe, an interactive globe that could cal out the name of countries when users touched the globe with a specially designed stylus

Explore Technologies stylus Technolgy was later used in LeapFrog's LeapPad, a learning tablet that sounds out words when users drag a stylus across a word in LeapPad book's. the Leap launched in 1999 and became LeapFrogs flagship product

The LeapPad

1999 - 2008

The LeapPad launched in 1999 and became Leapfrog's flagship product.

Going public and acquisition by Vtech

2002 - 2016

LeapFrog product were sold in more than 25 countries by 2003. LeapFrog went n the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LF

On April 4, 2016, VTech completed its $72 million acquisition of LeapFrog



LeapFrog discontinued the LeapPad and released its Tag Reading System in June 2008. Tag became LeapFrog's flagship product and was a successor to the 10-year-old LeapPad

My Pal Scout


A customizable plush toy that can be programmed with various songs and the owner's name and preferences. Additionally, LeapFrog produced various other toys, including toy vehicles, interactive plushes, and toys for the infant market. LeapFrog later released Read with Me Scout, a plush toy that can read aloud books from its product line.

LeapPad Explorer


LeapFrog released the LeapPad Explorer educational tablet computer in 2010. The LeapPad Explorer was designed for children aged four to nine and contained a five-inch touchscreen, camera, microphone, and both downloadable apps and cartridge-based games

LeapPad2 and LeapsterGS


In 2012, LeapFrog released its updated LeapPad2 and LeapsterGS

The LeapPad Ultra tablet computer and LeapReader


The LeapPad Ultra tablet computer and LeapReader were launched in 2013

LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi tablet


LeapFrog also released its LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi tablet devices in 2014



The company released LeapBand, its first wearable activity tracker for children, in 2014



In July 2014, the company announced the release of LeapTV

LeapFrog Epic


In August 2015, the company announced LeapFrog Epic, its new Android-based tablet for children, which was released in September 2015.