Emmeline Pankhurst Timeline


Emmeline's Birth

July 14, 1858

Women's Emancipation Movement


Manchester was the center of the women's emancipation movement in 1866

Emmeline Went to School in France


She went to a school in France called Ecole Normale when she was 14

Emmeline meets Richard


Emmeline Goulden met Dr. Richard Pankhurst who was a lawyer, he also supported radical causes such as women's suffrage.

Women's Franchise League


Emmeline and Richard Pankhurst along with fellow activists formed the women's franchise league to gain the vote for women, but Richard tried to make I too man things so the league disbanded the same year it was made.

They Joined the New Labor Party


The worked with the party to help feed multitudes of poor and unemployed people in Manchester. During this time she was also elected a poor law guardian and sent time visiting workhouses in Manchester becoming aware of the shocking levels of poverty. They fed 2,000 unemployed people per day

Richard Pankhurst's death

July 5, 1898

Women's Suffrage Movement

Approx. august 1898

After her husband's death she threw herself into the Women's Suffrage Movement forming the new Women's Franchise League.

Arrested for Speaking Out


Emmeline and nine other women were arrested for attempting to make a speech in support of a women's right to vote.

WSPU Broke windows


The WSPU broke the windows of government buildings and began to throw small stones threw the prime minister's own house.

Hunger Strikes


The women in prison who were Emmeline's followers went on hunger strikes, because of this they were violently force fed.

Emmeline Went on a Lecture Tour

1909 - 1910

Emmeline went on a lecturing tour in America and her opening words were, "I am what you call a hooligan.

Smashing Shop Windows


The WSPU started a large scale mashing of shop windows which led to the arresting of the WSPU leader, Emmeline, she was sentenced nine months.

Convicted for Breaking Windows


Emmeline Pankhurst was convicted of breaking windows and sent to Holloway Prison. In prison she went on hunger strike in protest of the awful conditions.

Christabel Took Leadership of the WSPU


Emmeline's daughter, Christabel, took leadership of the WSPU, their tactics became increasingly militant. Many members left saying that violence was counter productive. Adela and Sylvia Pankhurst two of her other daughters left creating a rift in the family which was never healed.

Women's Party Is Formed


Emmeline and her daughter Christabel formed the Women's Party which supported equal rights for all women and maternity benefits.

Emmeline Pankhurst's Death

June 14, 1928

Emmeline died shortly before women were given full voting rights.