French Revolution by Malka and Maya


Estates General Meets

May 5 1789

Louis XVI called the estate general to meet because his country was in huge financial debt and everyone was revolting.

Forming of the National Assembly

June 17, 1789

The third estate broke off from the Estate General and called themselves the National Assembly

Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

The Third Estate (after alledgedly being locked out if their meeting room) went to the Tennis Courts and proclaimed that they will never give up until they draft a new constitutuion.

Storming of the Bastille

July 14th 1789

In search of gunpowder and weapons, the Third estate stromed the Bastille, a french prison. This was the first major event of the revolution.

Great Fear

July 17 1789 - August 3 1789

A period of panic for the Peasants who were scared the King would overthrow them.

Abolition of Feudalism

August 4 1789

The National Assembly voted to give up the tax breaks and other benfits of the clergy and nobility.

Declaration of the Right of Man and the Citizen

August 20, 1789

This declaration, that stated that all men are born equal and free, was constituted.
This included enlightenment ideas such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of religion.

Womens' March to Versaille

October 5 1789

The women marched into Versailles, forcing the King to move to Paris, showing their power, and intimidating the royalty.

Louis XVI's Flight

June 20th, 1791

Louis XVI and his family attempted to flee France but got caught and was put under house arrest.

Execution of Louis XVI

January 21, 1793

Louis XVI was beheaded by the guillotine for being an unfair ruler.

Reign of Terror

September 8 1793 - July 28 1794

Led by Robbespierre and the Jacobins, a period of violence in which many were executed, especially the nobles.

Execution of Marie Antoinette

October 16 1793

After a two day trial, she was executed by the guillotine.

Robespierre is Beheaded

July 28 1794

After being overthrown by the National Convention, he was beheaded by the Guillotine.

The Directory

July 28 1795

The Directory, a five-member committee that replaced the Committee of public safety, was formed. Part of its focus was ending the reign of terror.