US Neutality Europe


Italy invades Albania

1925 - April 1939

Italian forces invade and take control of Albania. King Zog and his family fled to Greece and then later Turkey.

Germany withdraws from disarmament talks 1

January 1933 - October 1933

HItler is appointed Chancellor of Germany and he announced that Germany was leaving the League of Nations. United States takes no formal action.

Hitler repudiates versailles treaty 2

March 1935

Hitler announced that he was going to break the treaty and building Germany's army was a matter of national security. United States does no formal action.

Italian invasion of Ethiopia 3

October 3, 1935 - October 16, 1935

Italian forces crossed the border of Ethiopia. League of Nations voted to impose economic sanctions on Italy. United States invoke neutrality laws.

Civial war breaks out in Spain 4

February 1936 - July 1936

Soviet Union sends voluteers and money to the Spanish Republic and also sends reinforcement. United States takes no formal action.

Germany reoccupies the Rhineland 5

March 1936

Hitler ordered a small force of German troops into Rhineland. This was against the Treaty. United States review neutrality laws.

Germany annexes Austria 6

January 1938 - March 1938

Austrian Chancellor learns that Nazis plan to take his government. Germany annexes Austria. United States takes no formal action.

Czech crisis and Munich conference 7

September 1938

Hitler claimed that this area should be Germany's and the president of Czechoslovakia didn't back down. He mobilized his troops in preperation of a war with Hitler. United States take no formal action.

Hitler threatens Poland 8

October 1938

Hitler demands tons of things from Poland and some of the things he wanted was against the Treaty. The Polish government refused these demands for they worried it would lead to war. United States expands armed forces.

Germany dismembers Czechoslovakia 9

March 14, 1939

An agreement was made in Munich and German forces marched in and Czechoslovakia surrenders. United States takes no formal action.

Germany Invades Poland-World War II begins 10

June 1939 - September 1939

Poland still refuses Hitler's demands. German troops invade Poland and British + French forces demanded German forces to leave that area within 12 hours. This didn't happen so they declared war on Hitler and Germany. United States revise neutrality laws.

Germany Invades Denmark and Norway 11

April 9, 1940

Hitler instantly went to take Denmark and Norway. Britian and Norway put up a fight, but it was no use Hitler won. United States takes no formal action.

Germany Invade Low Countries and France 12

May 10, 1940 - Approx. May 30, 1940

The German Army launched a full scale attack on low countries and france. Germany took control of these areas. United States expand armed forces.

France Surrenders 13

Jun 22, 1940

France gives up and surrenders to Germany. United States sends aid to the allies.

Start of the "Blitz" 14

September 1940

Hitler ordered a full scale bombing campaign against London and other major british cities. German Luftwaffe flew 58 major bombing against the British capital and 15,000 people died. United States takes no formal action.

Italy invades Greece 15

October 28, 1940 - Approx. October 30, 1940

Italy tries to invade Greece, but they get forced back. United States expand the armed forces.

British Gold Reserves Run Low 16

January 1941

By the start of 1941 British gold reserves start to run low no thanks to staggering losses inflicted by Germany. United States send aid to the allies.

Germany Invades Soviet Union 17

January 1941 - June 1941

German Armed forces released constant attacks on the Soviet Union and eventually invades the Soviet Union. United States sends aid to the allies.

Germany Invades Yugoslavia and Greece 18

April 1941

Yugoslavia made Hitler angry by not agreeing to his terms and he decided to crush Yugoslavia while crushing Greece.

Greer Incident 19

September 4, 1941

A German sub fired two torpedoes towards an American warship called the Greer. United States calls a shoot on sight order.

Kearny Incident 20

October 1941

A German sub attack another ship named the U.S.S Kearny. Eleven sailors were killed and twenty-two were injured. The vessel was badly damaged, but reached a the friendly port of Reykjavik. United States revises the neutrality laws.

Germany and Italy Declare War on the United States

December 11, 1941 - May 1949

Germany and Italy finally declare war on the United States. United States declares war.