AP European History Events Timeline


Witch Hunts

1400 - 1700

85% killed were women, was a response to the Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution

1500 - 1700

caused by need for navigation, Renaissance, and Reformation, questioning of medieval sciences

Baroque Art Period

1550 - 1750

In Catholic Country's art was religious, in Northern Country's (NL) art was scientific, very dramatic art, Caravaggio was a major artist

Trial of Galileo


In Florence, Galileo was put under house arrest by the Roman Catholic Church for propagating heliocentric theory

Agricultural Revolution

1700 - 1800

Technological Innovations galore, Increased the food supply in Western Europe, was the second of three Agricultural Revolutions

Enclosure Acts

1750 - 1860

Series of Acts in England that dictated only landowners may plant on their land (no open fields for peasants to randomly plant), lead to the Agricultural Revolution!