Anti-Semitism Timeline


Haman attempts genocide of the Jews

475 BCE

Filled with annoyance because Mordecai did not bow before him, Haman resolved upon the extermination of the Jews throughout the whole kingdom. His plans were ruined by a biblical figure named Esther. Esther managed to throw him off his guard and ruin his plans which brought Haman failure.

Roman Emperor Tiberius expels Jews from Rome

19 AD

Tiberius ordered Jews who were of military age to join the Roman Army. Tiberius banished the rest of the Jews from Rome and threatened to enslave them for life if they did not leave the city.

Thousands of Jews are killed during civil unrest in Egypt

115 - 117

The Kitos War went from the year 115 to 117. During this time, thousands of Jews rebelled under the leadership of Julian and Pappus. Many of the rebels were executed.

The Synod of Elvira bans intermarriage between Christians and Jews


All the canons which pertain to Jews served to maintain a separation between the two communities. Canon 15 prohibited marriage with pagans, while canon 16 prohibited marriage of Christians with Jews. Canon 78 threatens Christians who commit adultery with Jews with ostracism. Canon 49 forbade the blessing of Christian crops by Jews, and canon 50 forbade the sharing of meals by Christians and Jews.

The first record of Jews being forced to convert or face expulsion


Severus, the Bishop of Minorca, claimed to have forced 540 Jews to accept Christianity upon conquering the island. Synagogue in Magona, now Port Mahon capital of Minorca, burnt.

John I, Duke of Brittany expels Jews from Brittany


John I issued an edict that expelled Jews from the duchy and cancelled all debts to them.

All Jews are banished from Naples


In 1540, Jews were banished from Naples. Some settlements of Jews were allowed to continue in Avignon, Bordeaux, Marseilles (from whence they were forced to vacate in 1682) and in part of Alsace.

Haidamaks massacre the Jews of Uman, Poland.


After Uman was taken, a violent and bloody massacre took place. The Jews then gathered in the synagogues, where they were led by Leib Shargorodski and Moses Menaker in an attempt to defend themselves, but they were destroyed by cannon fire. Most of the remaining Jews in the city were subsequently killed.

Pogroms sweep southern Russia, propelling mass Jewish emigration from the Pale of Settlement

1881 - 1884

about 2 million Russian Jews emigrated in period 1880–1924, many of them to the United States (until the National Origins Quota of 1924 and Immigration Act of 1924 largely halted immigration to the U.S. from Eastern Europe and Russia).

Expulsion of 250,000 Jews from Western Russia


During World War I, about 250,000 Jews were forced to leave Western Russia, and many were killed later during the Russian Civil War.

Nuremberg Laws introduced


The Nuremberg Laws were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany that had a crippling economic and social impact on the Jewish community. For example, Jews who were convicted of violating the marriage laws were imprisoned, and were re-arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Nazi concentration camps.

The Holocaust

1939 - 1945

About 6 million Jews, including about 1 million children, systematically killed by Nazi Germany and other Axis powers. Adolf Hitler is often blamed for these deaths.