Second phase




The Jacobins were the most radical and ruthless of the political groups formed in the wake of the French Revolution.


1789 - 1796

Assignats were paper money issued by the National Assembly in France from 1789 to 1796, during the French Revolution.

Second phase: liberal Revolution

1790 - 1791

Civil constitution of the Clergy

july 1790

was a law passed on 12 July 1790 during the French Revolution, that subordinated the Roman Catholic Church in France to the French government.

Legislative Assembly

1791 - 1792

legislature of France

Louis XVI's capture at varennes

June 1791

The flight to Varennes was the royal family’s failed attempt to escape Paris in June 1791.

The Declaration of Pillnitz

27 August 1791

was a statement issued on 27 August 1791 at Pillnitz Castle near Dresden by Frederick William II of Prussia and the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II who was Marie Antoinette's brother. It declared the joint support of the Holy Roman Empire and of Prussia for King Louis XVI of France against the French Revolution.

War with Austria

April 20, 1792

Revolutionaries wanted war because they thought war would unify the country, and had a genuine desire to spread the ideas of the Revolution to all of Europe.