The Dark Ages to the Renaissance


The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages were a time in history when the population was declining and there was little literature or other arts. It gave way to a more enlightened time. This is a timeline of those years.

The World's Population begins to fall

150 - Approx. 250

Over the course of 250 years, Rome's population dropped from about 65 million to 50 million. Some people believe this was because of a global cold front that swept the earth.

The Roman Empire begins to decline

300 - 400

The Romans slowly lost their control of the empire as other, stronger groups moved through the area. There were many battles, and the Romans were defeated.

Beowulf is composed


The Norman Conquest

1066 - 1204

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

1275 - 1300

The Canterbury Tales

1386 - 1400

Bebe creado ''In-Vitro''


The Renaissance

From 1271 AD to 1600 AD (330 YEARS)

Charlemagne takes charge


Charlemagne led the Frankish people through Italy, and then continued west. He established what became France, and he helped spread Christianity.

Christianity is on the rise


As Christianity spread through the lands, the people began to settle down. The lands settled firmly into their own kingdoms, and the fighting died down for a time. It was considered the end of the "Dark Ages".