Kamakura Period.


1192 – Minamoto Yoritomo established Kamakura Shogunante in the city of Kamakura, and marks the beginning of the Kamakura Period, which was the true beginning of feudalism in Japan.


1193 – Yorimoto gets his brother Noriyori assassinated as he becomes suspicious. Noriyori was the Heian period general and fought in Genpei War along with his brothers.


1274 – The Mongols’ first attempt to invade Japan, also known as Bunei War. The invasion attempt fails due to the storm. Following the event, the Mongols escaped to Korea.


1281 – The Mongols’ second Japanese invasion attempt. Again, due to the bad weather condition, this was unsuccessful.


1293 – Kamakura is hit by a large earthquake and tsunami, leading to the death of over 20,000 people.


1333 – Kamakura Shogunate is destroyed by Nitta Yoshisada, and this ends the Kamakura period.