Social Cold War


New Ambassador

Approx. 1944 - Approx. 1946

Lester Pearson became Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Doubting towards Russians


Lots of Canadian doubting about if there are spies from Russia around them.

UN Established

June 26th 1945

UN created in San Francisco. Canada is one of the original members to sign the Charter. The original goal of the UN was to maintain peace in world. The Big five of UN is Russia, China, US, UK and France

NATO established

Aug 25th, 1949

NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created as a military defense alliance under threat of Russia and its allies. In response The Eastern Bloc countries sign Warsaw pack in 1955.

Canadians troops in Korea

Approx. 1950 - Approx. 1953

Korea: Canada sends 27, 000 troops to the Korean War in a United Nations-supported military action. This is a peace making mission.

Un First peacekeeper


Out of suggestion of Lester Pearson, the first UN peace keepers be sent to Suez, Egypt to prevents war.

Avro Arrow's END

Approx. 1959

Diefenbaker’s Conservatives cancel the Avro Arrow project, a high tech aircraft at the time. Indirectly ruined a chance of Canada become technology leader of the world

Cuban Missile Crisis

Approx. 1962

The U.S. and Soviet Union come close to nuclear war. But Canada Prime Minister Diefenbaker at that time refused to place NORAD force on alert.

peacekeeping mission to Cyprus

Approx. March 1964

Canada participates in a U.N. peacekeeping mission to Cyprus which is an island country in eastern Mediterranean in Europe.

Vietnam War and Canada

1965 - 1973

A war between Capitalism and Communism. Prime Minister Pearson criticized operation rolling thunder.

Recognition oF Communist China


Trudeau’s government officially recognizes Communist China (rather than Taiwan).

Trudeau and China

Approx. 1973

Canada and gulf War

Approx. 1991

Canada sends troops to support the U.S. in the Gulf War against Iraq. This action was Peace making Mission.B B

Dissolution of the Soviet Union

December 25th, 1991

Tarnishing of Canada’s Peacekeeping reputation

Approx. 1992

A teenager be tortured and beaten to death by Canadian troops, but the commander try to cover this.

Bosnia and Croatia:

1992 - 1995

Bosnia be inhabited by Croatia and UN try to get ceasefire there and Canada troops are the first peacekeepers. However, UN failed its mission. Then, NATO decide to send military into this region.

Civil war and chaos in Haiti

Approx. 1993 - Approx. 1997

Disaster in Rwanda

Approx. 1994 - Approx. 1995

Slaughtering happened in Rwanda but UN didn't respond properly, which cause almost hundreds thousand people dead in hundreds days.