Social 11: Cold War Timeline


NATO created

1949 - Present

the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance formed by Canada, US Great Britain, and other Western European Nations.

Cuba Missile Crisis

1959 - October 1962

Cyprus peacekeeping

March 1964 - Present

Canada participates in a U.N. peacekeeping mission to Cyprus.

Visited China


Pierre Trudeau visited China on a peace mission

Berlin wall came down


Berlin wall came down, symbolizing the end of the cold war.

Gulf War

1990 - 1991

Canada sent troops to support the US in the Gulf War against Iraq. This action was Peacekeeping.

Soviet Union dissolved


Soviet Union dissolved into 15 countries.

Somalia mission

1992 - 1995

Members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment arrested a Somali teenager and tortured him to death.

Rwanda disaster

1994 - 1995