Major Events of Imperial China


Warring state period ends

221 B.C.E

The Qin dynasty is founded by She Haungdi

221 B.C.E

Shi Huangdi orders attacks on the nomadic Xiongnu

215 B.C.E

Confucian texts are burned by the legalist Qin government

213 B.C.E

Confucian scholars are executed

210 B.C.E

Shi Haungdi Dies

210 B.C.E

The Teracatta Warriors are built for the tomb of Shi Huangdi

210 B.C.E

The Qin Dynasty ends

206 B.C.E

Chang'an capital is established as the capital of the Han Empire

202 B.C.E

Liu Bang (Gaozu) founds the Han empire

202 B.C.E

Gazou dies

195 B.C.E

Emperor Wu of the Han comes to power

141 B.C.E

Sima Qian wites history of China

109 B.C.E - 91 B.C.E

Wang Mang seizes power of the Han throne

9 C.E

The capital of the Han empire is transferred to Luoyang

25 C.E

"Lessons for Women" author Ban Zhao dies

116 C.E

The Han Empire is succeeded by the Three Kingdoms Period

220 C.E

Han Dynasty ends

220 C.E