AP History


Peru and Bolivia

1829 - 1839

Peru and Bolivia were united under Andres Santa Cruz

Creole Elite

Father Miguel Hidalgo

1753 - 1811

Dominance in Mexico

Jose de San Martin

1778 - 1850

Dominance in southern South America

Simon Bolivar

1783 - 1830

Had dominance in northern South America in the years 1810- 1830

Creole Elite

Early Latin American Revolts

Tupac Amuro

1780 - 1783

Tupac Amuro led 70,000 rebels against Spanish rule. He was then killed in 1783.

Comunero Revolt


Mulattoes Revolt


Mulattoes led a revolt in Bahia, Brazil, in 1798


Boliver Return

1807 - 1814

In 1807 Simon Boliver returned from his schooling in europe to Venezuela. 1811 he served as a army officer when Venezuela lost there independence. 1813 he captured caracas and restated venezulas independence. 1814 he was exiled from Caracas.

Bolivers conquering

1819 - 1825

1819 his forces defeated spain and created the republic of columbia. 1821 Venezuela and Ecuador became part of the republic of Columbia. 1825 He captured Peru and Upper Peru, called it Bolivia.

End of Simon Boliver


Simon Boliver resigned from politcs in 1930, and died of turboculusis later that year


Revolution under Father Jose Maria Morelos

1811 - 1815

Father Morelos led a rebellion unlike those of South America because he went after the creole elites. But was captured, then killed bythe spainards.

First Mexican Revolt


Father Miguel Hidalgo led Mexican revolts until he was executed in 1811

Final Revolution

1815 - 1821

After Morelos death the revolution was led by conservative creole elite. And got its independence in 1821.

Mexican Monarchy

1821 - 1823

Mexico was ruled by a monarchy for 2 years until 1823, when it was proclaimed a republic.

Texas leave Mexico


After the US encoureged texas to leave, it declared there independence from Mexico in 1836


Napoleon invades Portugal

1807 - 1820

The Portuguese fled to Rio de Janerio, where the ruled over the Portugal empire.

Reign of Dom Joao

1816 - 1826

Dom Joao maid Brazil into a great country, with legal code like portugal. And made Rio the center for trade, administation, education, and cultural instituitions

Dom Joao leaves


Dom Joao left Rio for Lisbon. While his heir prince Pedro Stayed

Brazils Independence


In 1822 Pedro declared Brazil independent and Portugal did little stop them, Became a monarchy under a member of the Portuguese royal family.


Reign of Jose Gaspar Rodriquez de Francia

1810 - 1840

de Francia was the dictator of Paraguay for years, he was known as a harsh dictatotor. But others said his reveloutonary economic and cultural ideas led to independence in Paraguay.


1810 - 1811

Paraguay declares there independence from spain

War aganist Paraguay

1865 - 1870

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay funded by Britain fought aganist Paraguay to destroy populist policies. Paraguay eventfully lost and there goverment system was over.