African Kingdoms



Approx. 2040 BC - Approx. 1782 BC

-North Region
-365 Day Calendar
-Paper Making
-Great Pyramids of Giza
-Believed in
-Pyramids acted as tombs for dead Pharaohs, the Egyptians mummified and embalmed the dead body, and put everything the pharaoh would need for the after life. Such as a boat, jewelry, gold, etc.
-King Tutankhamen
-Egyptian Mythology
-Silt from the flooding Nile used for fertile land.


Approx. 1070 BC - Approx. 350 AD

-North Region
-Very Wealthy
-Lots of Gold
-Defeated Egypt with their skilled archers
-Like the Egyptians they are known for their pyramids.
- Traded


Approx. 830 BC - Approx. 1235 AD

-West Region
-Came before Mali and Songhai took over
-Traded gold, salt, and copper
-Located between the Senegal and Niger rivers


Approx. 800 BC - Approx. 146 BC

-North Region
-Traded cloth, slaves, foods, metals,etc
-Extremely rich port city, and one of the largest
-Traded with Arabs
-Conquered by the Romans


Approx. 100 AD - Approx. 940 AD

-North Region
-Exporting gold, emeralds, ivory, tortoise shells, cloth, clothes, and copper
-Large trade center between Arabs and Aksum
-Founded by African and Arab traders
-In the mid 300s Christianity came to Aksum


Approx. 700 AD - Approx. 1500 AD

-East Region
-Traded gold, iron, ivory, coconuts, animals skins, rhino horns, honey, cotton, etc
-Traded with other African countries, China, Arabia, and Persia.
-Kilwa's other city states were conquered by Portugal
-Ibn Battuta was a muslim from Kilwa who was famous for traveling and writing about the great towns he had traveled to.
-The people of Kilwa lived in 3-4 story houses made of stone and coral
-Paid high taxes on goods they brought into Kilwa


Approx. 900 AD - Approx. Present

-East Region
-Traded spices, gold, and ivory, etc
-Traded with Yemen, Persia, China, and India.
-Still exists today


Approx. 1000 AD - Approx. 1500 AD

-East Region
-Traded spices, gold, animal pelts, etc.

-Traded with inland states of Africa for gold to trade with China and other countries.

Great Zimbabwe

Approx. 1100 AD - Approx. 1450 AD

-South Region
-Located near the bend of the Limpopo river
-The people of Great Zimbabwe lived in giant stone buildings
-200 of these buildings still exist today


Approx. 1230 AD - Approx. 1600 AD

-West Region
-Lots of gold, salt, and copper used for trading
-Sundiata was Mali's first King, and Mansa Musa was one of the most famous leaders
-Mansa Musa was the first Islamic leader in Mali, he brought the Islamic religion and culture to Mali
-Trade was how they made the majority of their money


Approx. 1464 AD - Approx. 1591 AD

-West Region
-The last addition of Ghana and Mali
-Traded gold, salt, and copper
-The trade and learning capitol was Timbuktu