Civil War Timeline


More states leave the Union

April 1861

Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas all leave the Union and join the Confederacy.

The Civil War Begins

April 12, 1861

The South attacks Fort Sumter, South Carolina and starts the war.

Union Blockade

April 19, 1861

Abraham Lincoln tells the Union Blockade where the Union Navy is keeping their supplies from entering or leaving the Confederacy.

Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863

President Lincoln issues an order to free slaves and starts the preparation for the 13th Amendment.

The Battle of Gettysburg

July 1, 1863

A major battle where the North not only wins the battle, but starts to win the Civil War.

Sherman Captures Atlanta

September 2, 1864

Sherman captures Atlanta, Georgia but later that year he marches the Sea and captures Savannah, Georgia. He destroyed everything along his pathway

Reconstruction of the South Begins

1865 - 1877

State Governments, Infrastructure, and Economies in the South are rebuilt while the South is occupied by Federal Troops.

Robert E. Lee Surrenders

April 4, 1865

The leader of the Confederate Army, Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant the leader of the Union Army. At Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

President Lincoln is Assassinated

April 14, 1865

At Ford's Theatre, President Abraham Lincoln gets assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.