Social 11: Cold War Timeline


Soviet Spy defects to Canada

June 1945

Soviet spy Igor Gouzenko defects to Canada and exposes a Russian spy ring in Canada

NATO is created

April 4, 1949

the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is created as a military defense alliance

Canada's peacekeeping in Korea

1950 - 1953

Canada sends 27, 000 troops to the Korean War in a United Nations-supported military action.

Lester Pearson becomes ambassador


Lester Pearson becomes Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Suez Canal Crisis


First U.N. peacekeeping troops, negotiated by Lester Pearson, prevents war.

Lester Pearson becomes Prime minister


Lester Pearson won the election in 1957.

the Avro Arrow Project got cancelled


Diefenbaker’s Conservatives cancel the Avro Arrow project.

Cuban missile crisis


The U.S. and Soviet Union come close to nuclear war.

Canada peacekeeping mission in Cyprus


Canada participates in a U.N. peacekeeping mission to Cyprus in Europe.

Vietnam war

1965 - 1973

Pearson criticized Operation Rolling Thunder, a bombing campaign of north

Vietnam, at a university speech in Philadelphia.

Communist China is recognized by Canada


Trudeau’s government officially recognizes Communist China.

Pierre Trudeau visits Communist Cuba


Pierre Trudeau visits Communist Cuba.

Berlin Wall comes down


The East and West Berlin united again.

Separation of Soviet Union


Soviet Union dissolves into 15 countries.

Canada's peacekeeping mission in the Gulf War


Canada sends troops to support the U.S. in the Gulf War against Iraq.

Bosnia and Croatia

1992 - 1995

The leader of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to invade its surrounding countries.

Civil war in Haiti

1993 - 1997

Civil war and chaos in Haiti: Canada sends soldiers and later police.


1994 - 1995

Two groups of people which are very similar to each other started fighting. One group of people came to power and then started to order ordinary people to kill their neighbors. Mass killing started between everyone.