The Rape of Nanking


The Second Sino-Japanese War Begins

July 3, 1937

Safety Zone established in a Neutral part of Nanking

November, 1937

Chinese Government abandons Nanking

December 1, 1937

The Japanese troops arrive on the outskirts of Nanking

December 3, 1937

Japanese announce punishment if Chinese leave Nanking

December 7, 1937

Japanese troops arrive at the Nanking city wall, demand surrender within 24 hours

December 9, 1937

No surrender was made, and Japanese troops are given the order to attack

December 10, 1937

Surrender of Nanking decided, but wasn’t officially announced. Chaos; then evacuation of men

December 12, 1937

Reinforcements arrived for Japanese, Nanking was captured and a 6 week period of rape, violence and pillaging

December 13, 1937

Remains of bodies were starting to be burned, ashes dumped into the nearby Yangtze River

December 19, 1937