Timeline of My Faith History


Birth - Oswego, New York

October 13, 1948

My mother, Marjorie Ann, was raised in the Lutheran Church. My Father, James Edward, was raised in the Presbyterian Church. Both grew up in Donora, PA

Grace Methodist Church, Baptism

May 15, 1949

Grace Methodist Church, Rochester, NY is the church where I was baptized.
This was the church my grandparents attended. My parents moved to Rochester shortly after this.

Bethany Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

1951 - September 1954

This is the church I attended until the beginning of first grade. We attended church regularly as a family. My earliest memories are of Sunday School classes. I thought it was very exciting when I was allowed to attend a regular church service with my parents.

Baker Memorial Methodist Church, East Aurora, NY

September 1954 - June 1957

1st grade through 3rd grade.
We moved to East Aurora when my father took a new job. We began attending the Methodist Church. The church school gave me my first bible at the end of third grade. I still have that Bible.

Aldersgate Methodist Church, Rochester, NY

September 1957 - August 1960

4th grade through 6th grade
My father was transferred back to Rochester, NY
This is the church I was confirmed in and where I was first allowed to take communion. I have very good memories of this church because it was within walking distance of my home and I was involved in a lot of church activities for young people.

Episcopal Church, Mentor, Ohio

September 1960 - June 1962

7th and 8th grade
We briefly lived in Ohio. We did not join a church in Ohio but I remember attending a nearby Episcopal church as a family.

Calvin Presbyterian Church, Zelienople, PA

September 1962 - June 1978

9th grade until age 30 Yrs.
My family moved to Zelienople at the beginning of 9th grade (1962) We began attending and became members of Calvin Presbyterian Church. I attended church and Sunday school regularly. I was also a member of the choir for a while and participated in youth group. I remained a member of this church during college and and into my adult years. This is the church where your mother and Aunt Pam were baptized. My mother, your great grandmother, is still a member of this church.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Mercer, PA

1979 - 2001

In 1978 we moved to Mercer, PA. Your mother was 5 yrs. old and Aunt Pam was 9 yrs. old. After moving we began attending Trinity Presbyterian Church and became members. During the years we lived in Mercer we attended church regularly. I also served as a Deacon and an Elder, which means I was a member of the 2 primary church governing and service boards. These are elected positions in the Presbyterian church. Trinity is the church in which your mother was confirmed. It is also the church where your mom and dad were married in 1992.

New Wilmington Presbyterian Church

2001 - Present

In 2001 Grandpa and I moved into the house we currently live in New Wilmington PA. I began attending New Wilmington Presbyterian Church although this church has felt as "comfortable" as the 2 previous Presbyterian churches I attended. I also attend church with Grandpa at times, St Camillus Catholic Church.