dealing with britain


writ of assistance


George Grenville was the british prime minister and he approved the writs of assistance. This document allowed officers to search any location for smuggled goods.

proclamation of 1763


This stopped the colonist from moving west to avoid conflicts with the Indians. It also allowed Great Britain to trade with the colonist.

Sugar Act


The parliament passed the sugar act that lowered the taxes on the colonist because they did not the colonist smuggling goods.

Stamp Act


The parliament passed the stamp act that taxed items that were printed like newspapers.

Daughters of liberty


The daughters of liberty encouraged americans to make their own goods instead of buying them from britain.

Townshend Act


This act put more taxes on goods imported to the colonies

Boston Massacre


A fight broke out between a group of soldiers and bostonians.



The british heard that the colonist were storing guns in lexington and they wanted to destroy it. The british were not successful because the minutemen were already warned and not suprised.

Bunker hill and Breeds hill


Bunkers hill and Breeds hill are milita post.The british decided to take it over. The british took over bunker hill and lost 1,000 men.

George Washington in Boston


When George Washington came to boston the militia were not trained. After being trained militia were well organized and defeated the british in boston.

Declaration of Independence


Richard Henry Lee proposed that the united states colonies should be free and independent. The second Continental Congress voted on Lee's proposal for independence.