The Outsiders Timeline


Event 1

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Ponyboy gets mugged by the Socs when walking home from the theatre.

Event 2

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Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally go to a drive in movie theatre where they meet Cherry and Marcia. Then, Two-Bit shows up.

Event 3

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Ponyboy runs away from home because Darry got mad at him and hit him.

Event 4

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The Socs try to jump Ponyboy and Johnny, they almost drown Ponyboy, but Johnny stabs and kills Bob in self defense, so the others run away.

Event 5

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Ponyboy and johnny tell Dallas about what happened, he gives them a gun and tells them to go to Windrixville to stay low and away from the cops.

Event 6

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The church starts on fire and four or five kids were in there, Johnny and Pony saved them, but Pony started on fire and Dally tried to put it out and ended up knocking Ponyboy out. A piece of timber hit Johnny in the back and he ended up in critical condition.

Event 7

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Ponyboy got out of the hospital and was at home, reunited with his brothers and the rest of the gang.

Event 8

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The rumble between the Socs and the Greasers, the Greasers win.

Event 9


Johnny dies.

Event 10

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Dally got himself killed he pulled an unloaded heater, to purposely let the cops shoot him.

Event 11

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Ponyboy blacks out from a concussion that happened during the rumble, he doesn't wake up for a few days.

Event 12

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Ponyboy and others from the gang had to go to court about Bob's death.

Event 13

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Ponyboy goes back to schooland rights an essay about his life with the moral of what he felt was important