Important Dates of Lacrosse


First Documented Game

Approx. 1636

Jesuit Missionary Jean de Brebeuf was the first to document the game of lacrosse.

Basic Rules Created

Approx. 1794

The basic rules of lacrosse were created during a match between the Seneca and Mohawks.

News Article Gains an Interst

Approx. 1834

A match demonstrated by the Caughnawaga Indians in Montreal was reported in the newspaper and for the first time ever, white men were interested in the sport.


Approx. 1840

The French settler's also started playing the game of lacrosse.

First Rules Finalized

Approx. 1867

George Beers (the father of modern lacrosse) finalized the first official set of rules.

First Women's Match

Approx. 1890

The first ever women's lacrosse match was played at St. Leonard's School in St. Andrew's, Scotland.

Canada's Olympic Victory

Approx. 1904

Lacrosse is an Olympic sport in St. Louis for the very first time, and Canada wins the gold medal.

Ending on a High Note for Canada

Approx. 1908

The last lacrosse games played in the Olympics in London and Canada wins gold once again.

The Design of the Stick

Approx. 1937

Robert Pool introduces the first double-walled wooden stick, an early prototype for today's plastic sticks.


Approx. 1947

Men's positions were set as goal keeper, attack, midfield, and defense.

Evolution of the Stick

Approx. 1970

A more durable, plastic-shafted stick was created.

IFWLA Founded

Approx. 1971

The International Federation of Women's Lacrosse Association was founded.

Canada's National Sport

Approx. 1994

Canada's National Sport Act declares lacrosse as Canada's summer national sport.

Major League Lacrosse

Approx. 2001

Major League Lacrosse, a professional league for field lacrosse, makes its debut.