Australian Children's Books


The Beginning

1700 - 1800

Children's literature did not exist prior to the 1700s, as people did not think children needed their own books. However this changed when European and American authors began to mass print works of literature for children.

Reading in Early Colinisation

1800 - 1875

Australian children at the time of colinisation were expected to read the litertaure of their British counterparts, as Australians were still considered British at this time.

Australian Literature

1875 - 1940

Children's literature started to focus on being Australian, rather than being aimed at British children as was in the past. Australian character (people and wildlife) became prominent features in these books.

The Bush


In the early 1900s authors began to feature the Australian Bushland and the Flora and Fauna of it in their books, such as Blinky Bill and Snugglepot & Cuddlepie.

Literature after WW2

1945 - 1974

Support for the Childrens publishing industry was increased after World War 2.

Post-war Literature

1945 - 1970

Changing culture and technology brought new subjects for childrens literature.

Increasing Genres


Indigenous Literature


The Indigenous Referendum brought about an increased Indigenous contribution to children's Literature.

An Art Form

1974 - 2016

From this point, childrens picture books became artworks with the rise of colour printing. This has continued until today.

Multiculturalism overtakes