Secession of the South


Harper's Ferry

December 2, 1859

John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. Some considered this the first battle of the civil war

Davis's resolution code to protect slavery

February 2, 1860

Rejection of the Convention of the south

march 1860

Virginia rejects South Carolina's idea for a convention of the south

Lincoln elected

November 6, 1860

Creation of the Confederacy

December 1860

South Carolina seceeds from the United States and creates the Confederacy

Anderson defends Fort Sumter

December 26,1860

Mississippi Secedes

January 9, 1861

Florida Secedes

January 10, 1861

Alabama Secedes

January 11, 1861

Louisiana Secedes

January 26, 1861

Kansas Secedes

January 29, 1861

Texas Secedes

February 1, 1861

Davis elected for president in the Confederacy

February 1861

Lincoln Inaugurated

March 4, 1861

Battles of Bull Run, Shiloh, and Antietam


Emancipation Proclamation


Sherman's March to Sea


Also Lincoln is reelected

Lee surrenders at Appomattox