French Revolution


Moderate phase

1789 - 1791

Moderate phase of the French Revolution.

Estates General meets


One delegate from each of the three estates of France meet.

National Assembly is formed


Third estate of France is being repressed in Estates general and forms a new assembly.

Citizens storm the Bastille


Citizens were revolting against the French military.

Declaration of the Rights of Man issued


A declaration written by the National Assembly of France.

Royal family confined to Tuileries

october 1789

Parisian citizens confine the royals to Tuileries to keep them in check and to make sure they do not try to flee the country.

Poor women march on Versailles


Women are fed up with the taxes and price increases on bread and revolt.

Civil Constitution of the Clergy adopted

July 12, 1790

Gave limited power to the Church.

Royal family attempts to flee from France

june 20 1791 - June 20, 1791

Royal family tries to flee to the boarder of France and Austria.

Constitution creates limited monarchy

September 13 1791 - September 14 1791

The new constitution cuts and limits the power of the king.

Radical phase

1792 - 1794

Radical phase of the French Revolution

Paris mob invades Tuileries Palace

august 10 1792

Paris mob invade Tuileries to try and kill Marie Antoinette.

Citizens attack Paris prisons

september 2 1792 - september 7 1792

Citizens of Paris invade the prisons to kill the traitors of the Revolution.

France becomes a republic


France becomes a republic the people now vote.

Monarchy abolished

september 21 1792

Monarchy abolished no more need for a king.

Louis XVI is beheaded

January 21 1793

Louis the old king is tried convicted and beheaded for crimes against his country.

Committe of public safety is created

April 6 1793

The National Assembly Is replaced by the Committee of public safety

Reign of Terror

july 1793 - july 1794

People are executed multiple times a day for being less radical than usual.

Marie Antoinette is beheaded

october 16 1793

The people of France (Paris) have killed the old queen of France.

Robespierre is beheaded

1794 july 28

The people of the revolution see that Robespierre has gone to far and put an end to him.

Reacion phase

1795 - 1798

Reaction phase of the French Revolution.

The directory takes power

August 22 1795

The directory takes power after the National assembly dissipates.

Third constitution is adopted

August 22 1795

The second constitution is adopted.

Napoleon leads invasion of Egypt

may 19 1798

Napoleon invades Egypt to weaken British trade.

Age of Napoleon

1799 - 1815

One of the main phases in the French Revolution.

Napoleon becomes first council

December 12 1799

Napoleon takes his army into the committee of public safety and forces them to change the government to a leadership of three councils him being the first.

Concordat with the Catholic Church

july 15 1801

Reestablishes the church.

Napoleon named first council for life


Napoleon declares himself first council or basically dictator for life.

Napoleonic code adopted


A code or law set by Napoleon to give birth rights to citizens.

Napoleon becomes emperor

december 2 1804

Napoleon declares himself emperor of France.

Battle of Traflagar

october 21 1805

A very important battle that Napoleon fought during the Napoleonic wars.

Battle of Aurferlilz

December 2 1805

A very important battle that Napoleon fought during the Napoleonic wars.

Napoleon's army invades Spain


Napoleon invades Spain to the peninsula.

Napoleon invades Russia and retreats


Napoleon invades Russia but is forced to retreat.

Napoleon abdicates, Louis XVII takes the throne

April 1 1814

Napoleon is forced to leave his throne and goes into exile.

Battle of Watterloo

June 18 1815

Napoleon was defeated with his undertrained army and was captured and forced into exile later.

Napoleon sent to exile, St. Helena

june 18 1815

Napoleon goes into exile by force on the island of St. Helena.

Napoleon returns from Elba Exile

June 18th 1815

He returns from his exile and gathers an army.

Napoleon dies

may 5 1821

Napoleon dies from something wrong with his stomach.