Space Exploration


Sputnik 1

October 4, 1957 - October 26, 1958

It sparked the evolution of Space X. It encouraged scientists to further explore space. It was the first satellite to make orbit. It stayed in orbit for over 90 days. It transmitted data for over three months.

Sputnik 2

November 3, 1957 - April 14, 1958

It was the second space craft to make orbit. It was the first space craft to carry an animal up into space. They sent a dog named Laika.

Mercury Redstone 2

January 31, 1961

Sent the second animal into space. It was the first chimpanzee in space named Ham. It was only in space for 16 minutes. He was trained to work the machines in the space craft.

Vostok 1

April 12, 1961

It was the first man in space.

Freedom 7

May 5, 1961

It boosted American spirits. It had the first American man to orbit the earth and his name is Al Shepard.


October 27, 1961 - July 30, 1965


April 8, 1964 - November 11, 1966

To put humans in space. It was practice for the Apollo Missions. They were testing out the limitations for space flight.

Mariner 4

November 28, 1964 - December 21, 1967

It got the first pictures of Mars. Before it lost connection it got extra information about Venus.

Pioneer 10

March 3, 1972 - January 23, 2003

The first mission to pass by Jupiter and get some data on it and the rest of the outer planets. It was the first to go through the asteroid belt.

Mariner 10

November 3, 1973 - March 24, 1975

The first satellite to visit two planets. It observed Venus and Mercury and it collected information on their mass and atmospheres.

Voyager 1

September 5, 1977 - Present

It flew by Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon Titon.

Hubble Space Telescope

April 24, 1990 - Present

It was the first telescope to go into outer space. It would help us see what is in outer space.

Mars Path Finder

December 4, 1996 - Present

It was the first successful mission to go to Mars.


October 15, 1997 - Present

It is studying Saturn and its moon Titon. It has 16 participating countries.

International Space Station

November 20, 1998 - Present

It lets us know a lot about space and how things work in space.

Spirit and Opportunity

June 10, 2005 - Present

To study Mars.

Kepler Space Telescope

March 7, 2009 - Present

is discovering earth like planets that we could possibly live on when our earth dies out.