Ancient Greece Timeline


Wandering stribes began to settle in Greece

2000 BCE

The Greeks used a wooden horse to conquer Troy

1184 BCE

Greek alphabet developed

850 BCE

The first olympic games

776 BCE

The spartans won the first Messenian War

724 BCE

Tyrants seized rule from aristocratic leaders

650 BCE

Draco's code of law introduced in Athens

621 BCE

The first Greek coins appeared

600 BCE

Democracy began in Athens

508 BCE

Pythagoras, philosopher, and mathematician died in Athens

495 BCE

Battle of Marathon- Greeks defeated Persians

490 BCE

Battle of Thermopylae- Persians defeated Greeks

480 BCE

Battle of Salamis- Greeks defeated the Persians

480 BCE

The Parthenon was completed

432 BCE

The philosopher Socrates was executed

399 BCE

Plato founded the Academy in Athens

380 BCE

The catapult was invented at Syracuse

339 BCE

Philip II of Macedon conquered Greece

338 BCE

Alexander became King of Greece and Macedon

336 BCE

Alexander the Great conquered Persia

333 BCE

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt

331 BCE

Greeks defeated by Romans at Battle of Corinth

146 BCE