History of Hydropower



71 BCE

Greeks were first to use hydropower in order to grind wheat into flour.

Bureau of Reclamation Established


The Bureau of Reclamation gets involved in hydropower development to provide water resource management to the arid western areas of the United States.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Build Hydroelectric Plants


Congress authorizes U.S .Army Corps to build hydroelectric plants.

First Major Pumped Storage Plant


The first large-scale pumped storage development in the U.S. built in New Milford, Connecticut.

Flooding controlled by Tennessee Valley Authority


The Tennessee Valley Authority is tasked with controlling flooding and opening up the Tennessee River for navigational purposes.

Federal Power Commission becomes an Independent Regulatory Agency


Federal Power Commission's authority is extended to all hydroelectric projects either built by publicly or privately-owned utilities engaged in interstate commerce.

Hoover Dam built


One of the most famous hydroelectric projects in history, built on the border of Nevada and Arizona on top of the Colorado River.

Hydropower Research Foundation established


Clean, affordable hydropower researched and promoted by the Hydropower research foundation established by the National Hydropower Association.

DOE Upgrades Hydropower Facilities


Existing hydropower facilities would get upgrades from the investment made by DOE which offered both communities and utilities an opportunity to make more cost effective and productive hydropower systems.