Evolution in the Sertanejo/Country in Brazil.


The beginning of sertaneja music


The beginnings of sertaneja music go back to the 1910s and 1920s, a fact confirmed by the recollection of lyrics, music and recordings of the interior of São Paulo, northern and central regions of Paraná, Southeast Goiânia and Matogrossense, and south of the Minas Gerais triangle. This movement was developed by the journalist Cornélio Pires, who besides being a writer, made success with compositions of the genre in his time. Historians and enthusiasts of the genre have called this phase of Sertaneja Music with Sertanejo Raiz.

Evolution on the Sertanejo in Brazil

1910 - 2016

The Second Generation


The sertaneja music of this moment was deeply inspired by the entrance of influences of foreign genres, that changed the "face" of the seraneja music, promoting an evolution of the style of music, with the introduction of harmonic elements of guarânia and the Paraguayan polka and also of mariachi Mexican.
Developed from the end of the Second World War, the introduction of these rhythms promoted, almost obligatorily, the introduction of the instruments that were part of the other rhythms that were influencing sertaneja music.

ertanejo won the Capital, the Popularization of the Sertanejo


The third phase of sertaneja music was marked mainly by the influence of the introduction of Electric Guitar, which was shining in the Young Guard and which brought a younger identity to the musical genre, besides the adhesion to the rhythm of some renowned artists.
One of the major responsible for the popularization of the rhythm at the time was the singer Sérgio Reis, who was already a name in the rise in the movement of the Young Guard and that decided to migrate to the sertaneja music, in the early 70's.

The Fourth Generation Country


Popularized, strong and with a loyal legion of fans, the pace gained its fourth generation based mostly on the largest audience it has: college students. Hence the emergence of the name Sertanejo Universitário, so popular these days.

Thematic of Country


The theme of the songs of rhythm became the joy, parties and even funny situations that have entered the place of romanticism present for two generations of the genre. In the musical aspect, the main change was the increasing adoption of electronic instruments in the compositions, which provided a new style